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    Been in the hobby for over 30 years, mostly into American cichlids with a few exotics and Tangs mixed in.

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  1. Yep make sure the water is good . Festae can be a bit shy maybe a few other more social fish might help the settle. Depending on tank size, filter etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a large female dovii around 28cm if u want for free let me know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. looks like 3 girls to me. males usually get more spotting on the tail, the females are usually clear.
  4. mix some antibiotics into some frozen food (bloodworm? or beef heart mix) the best antibiotics would be metronidazole (not sure if its available these days ask our LFS). I've used erythromycin capsules successfully too. just thaw out some frozen food and add the crushed tablets (or open the casules) and mix well (i usually mix the antibiotics with a little bit of water). Refreez and feed for a week. Or mix a tablet of antibiotics to some water and soak a good quality pellet until the water is all soaked up.
  5. gotta be haitiensis? used to be nandopsis haitiensis not idea what genus they are now though.
  6. I'd say male (but not 100% should have more colour by now), female, too small, too small (females (SOMETIMES!) have a black blotch on the dorsal fin, males dont get this or is less prominant, Females also have a yellowish tinge to them. like the one on your last photo).
  7. Thanks mate ! still looking for a large male if anyone has one?
  8. which LFS (i would love to have her!!)? think its a gorgeous fish! its more red than the orange some females tend to have these days! put it in with a male and she would be spectacular! female festae's dont have the deep red and black bars when not breeding/feeding or defending a territory.
  9. Royal green discus? (wild type) Wild discus Pictures 1-17-11
  10. Would sell all I have for some motaguense or fredies that don't turn go gold dont have swim bladder probs and don't go blind in 2 years
  11. Friedrichsthalii - still a few around, seems to be a few in perth but havent seen any in QLD for a long time heckelii - Smiths had them about 3 years ago but havent seen any since. motoguense - never seen them in QLD, pretty sure they are lost to the hobby... geayii - havent seen them for years Nandopsis facetum - havent seen them for years then we have the rare but not impossible to get Dovii - not as common as they used to be festae - not as common as they used to be zonatum - rare! longimanus - smiths have a heap of them bifasciatum - TRUE ones are impossible to get trimacualatus - TRUE ones are impossible to get uaru - painful to keep never been a common fish umbriferum - still a few around, but seems to go in cycles. Satanoperca leucosticta - seems to be making a comeback
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