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  1. Awesome. I love these style of grow out threads. Have you seen that sparkling gourami video on YouTube of the no filter nano tank?
  2. Yeah looking forward to the fish auction in May too. I thought you were able to walk up and see the fish if you were unsure on the species/type? Mind you I haven’t been for a few years.
  3. What are they? Thermometers connected to the power supply of heater and filter?
  4. I think most enthusiasts would have had this thought at some stage. For me, the target fish was going to be Green Terrors. When you see photos of wild caught Andinoacara species on American sites it really makes you realise that our 'sub-line' has moved far from the original. But of course, timing etc didn't let that play out. Would be fun, but arduous to work on a species like that for not much gain but personal satisfaction, all to have it potentially not work or be undone by the other stock that may be out there. Would be cool to see good Salvinis. I remember Ozmo a member on here had REALLY nice Sals a few months or so back. Not sure if they've got them still, may be worth asking.
  5. I would take the Dovii localities with a grain of salt. It was that long ago that it would be impossible to make sure that all Dovii in Australia are from Nicaragua. There are however, some beautiful fish about. The reason why these and the umbees are so seldomly kept is aggression, and size. Very aggressive fish that get huge aren’t a popular sell at your local fish shop, especially when in a sale tank they’d present as a pretty drab looking fish. At least Red Devils and oscars get a chance with there red colouration. If you were after a wet pet, I don’t think you could go wrong. But bear in mind, it will probably be the only fish in that (very big) tank for 10+ years. If you wanted to go ahead, keep your eyes on the classifieds here. I know there’s at least an Umbee breeder amongst our members, and good Dovii aren’t impossible to find either, we do seem to have some good quality in that species. Welcome anyway, and I look forward to seeing your tank and fish you end up getting!
  6. I did consider the FX4 a little while ago and yeah, thought it may be some overkill, but looking further into it I think it'll do just fine. You're right on the hardscape, its amazon themed so will have a whole lot of wood through it. Think i'll go for one of those, cheers
  7. Hey guys. I need a new filter for my 250L 3x2x1.5. I know what the fluval can do on paper, but it doesn't give me real world insight. Would those in the know say one would be capable, or should I look for something with a bit more power. For example on my 50L 2ft aquarium I have a Fluval 206 and Fluval U2 filter and that's what I consider to be the goal with the bigger tank, flow/circulation wise. Only, I don't really want internal filters if I can get away with it. Pretty vague question I know, sorry guys. Hopefully someone with a similar tank can chime in with what they're doing. Cheers!
  8. Yeah just the right height to sit on and watch the fish! I’m all good for crates though, missus manages a coffee shop, plenty of crates there.
  9. I promised myself last year I'd get a bigger tank for myself for christmas. Typically things got in the way so I had to put it off a little bit. I originally wanted a 4x2x2 but the tank wouldn't fit where I wanted it to, and I wasn't confident having one upstairs, a bit too much weight for my liking. So browsing gumtree I had a few criteria. It needed to be 3 foot, had to have a closed in cabinet, and at least 18" deep. This one popped up in the next suburb over and after going for a look, took it home. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was G.J Maher tank and stand. The stand was originally a stained timber cabinet, that the previous owner had somewhat butchered with a half done black paint job. It was just matt black spray paint, horrible stuff. I started trying to sand it back but the paint just stuck to all sandpaper. I had to paint strip the black off first and then sand the varnish down. Was a hell of a lot of effort to do so, only want to ever do that once lol. The girlfriend and I decided to paint it white with black hardware. The room it's in is our study and it's all white furniture. Today I got the last of the gloss white paint on it, and moved it inside. And painted the back of the tank and moved it inside also. Got it filled today and under test. At the moment I'm using the filter it came with which is some eBay jobbie, but I'm really not liking, I will likely get a Fluval for it. I've got fluval on the other tank and I love them. Over the next few afternoons I'll finish off the doors and hood and set that up. I've ordered some new lids for the tank through G.James glass at narangba, and they should also be ready this week sometime. I've got some wood I had been collecting floating in the tank at the moment, two mini stump looking pieces and nice Y branch. The substrate is just the supplied white sand, which the seller tells me is Stradbroke Island sand. Not sure how true that is as I couldn't find any more, but it looks real nice. I'd love to get just a bit more to top it up but I won't be devastated if I can't. Anyway, enough of my poorly constructed sentences, here's some photos As I bought it (tank backwards on stand mind you) The back/front This was after scraping the old white wall paint off the back of the tank. Just used a regular flat razor for this. This was after one application of paint stripper on that end, so you can imagine how many times I had to do that.. Remember, always rinse your substrate, whether it's new from a store or bought from someone. You never know. Next to the computer, to make sure I always do my work while there... I just used some Dulux black enamel for the back of the tank. I did it on my last tank and was happy with the coverage and depth so did it again. This was just after the last coat, and from the other side there was no sun coming through, even though it was in direct sun. So that's the new project tank. I already have fish for it on the way, which will go in the other tank while this one gets ready. I'm super excited for the new acquisition, it's a type of fish I haven't kept in nearly 7-8 years. And there will also be another fish in here that I've never kept before, somewhat seen, or at least was, as the holy grail of freshwater fish keeping. That's all I will share for now, you'll just need to keep watch to see what happens
  10. I contacted Techies in regards to the Leos. $100 a pop which I thought was pretty decent.
  11. How’d you go? Get a call? I’m looking for some apistos also, so if a group buy situation helps, I’m on board. I can PM you with what I’m chasing if you need it.
  12. Hey mate, makes the two of us now welcome
  13. You'll want more tetras in that tank. Rummynoses are one of the best for schooling tetras, but even 20 will get lost in a tank that long. You could probably up that to 60-80 easily, and it'll be a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Especially if you're only doing a few heavy bodied cichlids etc.
  14. $12.00 Silver Arowana!! I complain about the prices here sometimes but that's crazy, I can just imagine how many are bought and neglected once they reach a size too big for the tank.
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