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  1. I have some Fry avail from Long fin Calicos x Albino Long fins avail - Limited qty also some normals shorts and longs from same parents avail
  2. Wanted to trade swap have the following all just breeding or ready to breed all males have caved - and fry to prove 3 x Albino yellow long-fin bnose1 x Male Calico Long fin bnose 1 x huge red tail shark bonus with trade 2 x peps about 6 months from breeding looking like female x Orange spot looks female at this stage Wanted only Adults L002 males and females / female Super Red Bnose /female L144 - have fry to prove above breeders Pm happy to do fair trade as mine are all spares not in it for the $ .. pm please You can view in person with no commitment required as I know they are top fish Location North Lakes Very negotiable not interested in $ happy to trade to play with genetics Heaps of pics avail with fry and male caving
  3. Still avail 1 x redtail shark and 2 albino Cory thrown in - the cory = male and female and have breed twice b4
  4. Hi Guy's I have the following Beutiful adult display fish looking for new home 4 x Goyder 2 x Coen 1 x Purple spot Gud
  5. Hi guy's Anyone breeding BIG EARS guppies .. Please inbox me Cheers
  6. Hi mate 

    Would you consider a swap for a top of the line professional Kayak .. comes with all the bells and whistles paid nearly $4000 have used once .. GPS and Electric motor still never used.

    Currently wanting close to $2000 but i want a 6ft so will consider straight swap .. see below 








  7. BN can have easy 100 + depends on age and condition .. I had a 3Girls 4 boys and would take 200 + out every month or so when i was supplying shops
  8. Bump $4000 worth will trade for breeding set up what you got to trade lets talk
  9. Hi Guy's I have a top of the line Kayak 2+ people + motor + GPS used once Most equipment still new never used Will look to trade for fish or set-up what you got lets trade My loss Your gain
  10. Hi mate 


    How are the Argenta fry comming along ... do you have any for sale 





  11. Hi mate 

    Do you still have the Albino Longfin with spot on it 

    Also do you ever come down North lakes or brissy way 






    1. ih8ubarney


      Sorry mate all the adult longfins are on hold

  12. Hi mate 


    whats your ph number i will send you what i took on my mobile 




  13. Hi mate 


    I have 5 Left L/F marbles if you want $100 the 5 

    TXT me if interested 




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