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  1. Hi Guy's sorry for late reply don't get on hear that often these day's - Thank you all very much for all the offers I really appreciate the kind support being offered ! Good to see that many hobbyist on this forum and selfless I have the fish i need now SEB
  2. HI All I have a 6 ft tank that needs filling and just want big fish to fill If you have any fish that need a new home I am happy to take of your hands No Africans or red devils other than that happy to accommodate most other Would prefer North Brissy Pick up Cheers SEB
  3. HI All I have a 6 ft tank that needs filling and just want big fish to fill If you have any fish that need a new home I am happy to take of your hands No Africans or red devils other than that happy to accommodate most other Would prefer North Brissy Pick up Cheers SEB
  4. Hi mate 


    How are the Argenta fry comming along ... do you have any for sale 





  5. Hi mate 

    Do you still have the Albino Longfin with spot on it 

    Also do you ever come down North lakes or brissy way 






    1. ih8ubarney


      Sorry mate all the adult longfins are on hold

  6. Hi mate 


    whats your ph number i will send you what i took on my mobile 




  7. Hi mate 


    I have 5 Left L/F marbles if you want $100 the 5 

    TXT me if interested 




  8. Love keyboard heroes
  9. What i would like to make note is this: I should have stated more common breeds ... most are the same convicts, guppies, Bnose, etc etc really they are all about the same Definition of quality is also a cloudy one - I would prefer to say in good condition or not If you buy $500 fish just on a pic your crazy - you must view in person or have a friend that knows what they are looking at to buy for you I tell you that i know many great breeders that will NOT disturb fish to take pics - you buy from them because of reputation we got a little off the subject - but good to see different points of view SEB
  10. I rely don't get the time wasters asking for pics on fish these days Especially with common fish ? Go to google you will get 1000+ pics rely ? for breeders its hard and most times a waste of time to get pics .. in fact most times it disturbs the adults or fish + the fact that some of us are crappy pic takers really if the fish in question is not rare or a chance of x breed please don't ask for a pic GOOGLE IT my 2 c SEB
  11. Hi mate 


    How much will you take for 5 congos tetras .. maybe a pair of kribs ... maybe take the rummy nose also 




    1. aronshab


      Its very hard to catch the fish out of the tank with the plants in there and trees. If you happy to wait untill i sell that stock off i can come back to you with an offer, or vice verser an offer for me.

      But ill need to try to sell at least the HC off first ( golden vine i could pull out )

      if i get no offer to take all the stock i will come back to you as first pick of the fish you requested

      Regards Aron

  12. Note: Fish trade is only worth 10-12% of the Business so the likes of PB don't care about fish ... Dogs and Cats is were the $ is Support your local Aquarium or reality is we will not have choice in the near future ... It up-to us all Yes they can do fish for $1 or less but that to put the local Aq out of business .. same thing happens coles wollies etc How many can remember local Butcher or news-agency just to name a few Keep breeding and supporting each other Seb
  13. quoted (Picking a cull is easy, they are either deformed or low quality )??? This is the reason I said what I said ... Its NOT easy at all. a visible deformity maybe easy to spot if its in fins or outer visuals .. but once again .. do you really know how many dorsal or anal fin rays this fish or species must have .. my guess that the vast majority of fish keepers don't ! most would not even know how to count these or what it is that they must look for. (Low quality ) Give me a break --- this is a perception of what your reality makes the fish seem to be .. Check-out what the so called experts have done to the German Shepard in Europe ? bad backs, bad genetics shorter life span etc etc yet show champions are deformed they look nothing like the original pedigree should. I told you this was can of worms with NO answer Only true biologist that have studied and know what to look for know what that particular fish from that particular stream, water hole, section or area should look like ... even then mistakes happen .. Have fun discussing the above .. not having a go at anyone in particular so please don't take personal ... But as true hobbyist we should guard very carefully what it is we want to achieve when breeding, culling etc ... unfortunately the vast majority of fish keepers breed more so for $ and not so much to keep species true. Have a Great XMAS
  14. This is just crazy who are we to say what is a cull or not .. unless you have a PHD or have caught the fish yourself from that specific river or location ... what make you the expert of right or wrong ? most catfish have not even yet been classified and go under a temporary number .. let alone the diff number of sub species or colour morphs (BIG CAN OF WORMS) get real ... please don't start an issue that has no answer .
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