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  1. not bad at all mate.whot have ya been up to?

  2. how r ya mick, im going gud mate wat bout yerself

  3. r u after an electric yellow colony 2m 9F $250

  4. can u give me a call mate when u get a chance.thanks mick

  5. good sale mate...... you get full price ???

  6. can u clear your messages because there full

  7. hey do you have a saltwater tank?

  8. nar sorry im going 4wding and kylie is going to her friends

  9. you guys coming over..... i heard nothing from you ?????

  10. there 2 small to sex .sorry about that.

  11. hey mick, do you have any blue dolphin females for sale?

  12. **** save some money..... want to takew you next holiday

  13. ya get the msg from trev ????

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