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  1. lol yeh im no expert but figured gradually is the go.. lol cheers for the help guys.. im workin on it..
  2. i just put some ph up in.. will sort that asap food wise they get a decent variety flake, pellets, and algae wafers, plus some other goodies like bloodworms..
  3. most the fish have been in the tank since the start. list of fish still in are; male fire blue female fire blue male bristlenose 2 female venustus 2 clown loaches silver shark 3 crimson tides 2 gouramis (thick lip,gold) 4 maingano 5 johanni 1 pleco
  4. need to get some more salt - ran out.. is that pretty badly needed? helps with health? i know ive been told its needed with my tank alot due to the sand bottom.
  5. ok sorry ill try answer best i can, not bog fish first, seems anything at any time.. black shark just died today. was sweet yesterday and fine this morning, noticed him this arvo. ph is at 6.6 but tbh its been roughly that way since day dot and never a prob, water changes i normally do a qtr every month maybe less. um treated white spot with more regular changes of water, cleaned out filters, added salt, added some treatment stuff purchased from fish shop. methylene blue? no sucked up stomachs, kinda display sickness, some have anyway.. as i said most noticably was what appeared to be white spot on them but not always and also as i said some look like they have been attacked kinda.. like bit shabby lookin.. but thats been here and there, not on every fish that has died.
  6. tank has been setup for 6mths+ everything was perfect for the first 4-5mths.. this is recent
  7. rough list if fish lost at various times recently.. 3 large female venustus. 1 30cm black shark 3 electric yellows 6 lrge johanni 1 yoyo 2 fronnies 3 fire blues 3 flavus 1 bristlenose
  8. so over the past 2mths or so fish have been randomly dieing.. fish of all sizes and species.. i thought white spot was to blame as i noticed what seemed to be an outbreak and after waterchanges and treatments it seemed to have cleared up but then its good for a week or 2 then bam another dies.. its been back and forth like this the whole time.. and also noticed a couple fish have been looking a bit ravaged whilst still alive, like nibbled on or something.. what the fcuks goin on,,.? at this point im thinkin of either moving a couple of fish out or just waiting for them all to eventually die and then start again with something completely new.. but that kinda sucks considering so far ive lost prob near on $400-500 worth of fish and theres prob another $250ish worth still in there.. \ its an 8ftr to by the way.. Cheers. Corey
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  11. fair enough, i didnt know they were like that, cheers for the info.. far out ive got no clue then.. lol
  12. well guys i appreciate the comments.. to answer a few questions, she doesnt get to choose, its my tank and i put in the hard work for it, however if she has some say it will give me the freedom to spend the money making the changes without her getting the sh1ts with me.. i really just want it as a display tank, not fussed on much else.. and tbh im really no closer to making my mind up.. now im just thinking of decent fish combos.. few larger fish and few all other sizes.. why have you all been against discus..?
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