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  1. So this is what I have come up with for the water being pumped into the tanks. 19mm Poly pipe from Pump to the top and middle tier. Reducing Tee's above every tank reducing the pipe to 13mm then into a 13mm tap and down into a 13mm elbow which will sit just under the lid and aim the water flow forward. See attached picture. In regards to tank drains I am going to leave the top 8 tanks with a single 25mm bulkhead flowing into a common 40mm pipe and then to the sump. The two 4x2's on the middle tier will have a single 32mm bulkhead in each flowing to a common 40mm pipe and into the sump. So two 40mm pipes going to the sump. Any suggestions for further improvements? Cheers PS. Am going to be using a 4000lph sump pump.
  2. Ok thankyou all .You all raise valid points. I am going to avoid this and run individual water feeds to each tank with larger common drains. I hadn't considered setting water height, that point sealed the deal. What's the best way to feed the water back into the tanks? Pvc pipe? Poly pipe? I was thinking the 19mm black poly pipe(possibly smaller) through a corner cut in the glass lid all with individual taps. My other sumped setup I have bulkheads for inlet and outlet but was wondering if there is another easier way which doesn't involve more drilling.
  3. Why do you say that sneaky? Lic, do you think I go from 25mm down into a 32mm pipe then 32mm bulkhead inlet into 2nd tier? And still 2 x 25mm drains from 2 tier?
  4. So I'm trying to nut out the plumbing side of my new Breeding rack and was wondering if this particular design would work and if anybody has tried similar with positive results. All bulkheads will be 25mm with 25mm PVC Pipe and elbows. The plan is to feed the drain from the top tier into the middle tier then the drain from the middle tier back to the sump. This way I only have to pump water from the sump to the top tier. Please see the attached picture. (Forgive my MSPaint Skills... lol) If anybody has an info or advice which could help this build I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks in Advance Brenton
  5. I am currently ruining an aquaone Maxi 106 on one of my systems. It does 3200lph and is rated at 80w. I'm wondering what the best alternative is for lowering my power consumption with similar output. So far I've found the eheim compact 3000 and the equivilant Laguna. What else should I be looking at? Thanks in Advance Brenton
  6. Nice one mate. Always love seeing more fronnie setups. Do your burundi get spooked easy? Just asking because i know mine do and they may get some eye damage off the rocks. They are a bit renowned for that. But I have to say the rock work does look good mate Brenton
  7. Looking good mate. Glad you got it home safe. By the way the light is T5 not T8 Wheres the fish mate?
  8. Mate, If I was in your position Id probably do the same mission for these fish too I've lost many a hour watching my Fronnies, and dare say I'll lose plenty more. How many have you got in there?
  9. glad you got it sorted mate. Should serve you well.
  10. Another here for option two. I have almost completed my plumbing on the new setup. 4 x 6ft Tanks, 3 bulkheads per tank (1 inlet, 2 drains all 25mm) I am using black 25mm poly pipe for the inlets and am also using it for the outlets. The outlets drain down the poly pipe into 80mm PVC Pipe and that runs to the sump. Nice and simple and works a charm. I was using a 5500lph pump and have now upgraded to a 9000lph lugana pump and its all working fine so far. Didnt need hose clamps on elbows or tees either, just pushed them on and no leaks.
  11. I ran one for over 12 months. Only fault i could find was the primer eventually siezed. Didnt leak but was near impossible to push in and if you did get it in, it was near impossible to get back out. My opinion is they are great bang for buck. For the rprice you paid you have to be stoked. You would pay that for a little internal filter at most LFS.
  12. I am running 25mm return into 80mm pvc pipe. I didnt want to risk flow problems on the return. At the moment i am running a 5000lph pump on two tanks (6x2x2) both of which have 2 x 25mm bulkhead drains. The water sits just above the bulkheads on both tanks. I'd consider going for overkill on the drain side of things.
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