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  1. Rito don't think I'll risk losing the effect. Maybe I'll just add some more lemons.
  2. How do you all think the rummy nose would go? Do they school tightly? And do you think they will mix with the lemon tetras? Thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming
  3. Yeah I was hoping that the schools wouldn't mix. Maybe I'll just add some more lemons. I can't go too small of tetra as there are some geos in there. I'm going to add some more geos and some discus soon.
  4. Hey everyone, i have a school of 40 lemon tetras in my 8 x 4 display. I love how they school tightly. my question is, is there another tight schooling tetra with some colour....? also will the fish school with the lemon tetras or will they school amongst themself........ i would love it if I could get two separate schools of tetras going with a bit of colour contrast. thanks in advanced. Deeg
  5. Top bloke. Always go out of their way to please the customer
  6. Coloured up nicely mate. Glad he's settled in. As for a 6 x2 it really is only going to be big enough for a year max. Rays will kill cichlids sometimes. But cichlids have a tendency to pick at the eyes of the rays, in saying that it all depends on the individual fish. Arowana will be fine.
  7. Yeah but apparently that rule doesn't apply of it's an albino lol
  8. Cheers mate. Have been in contact with them before but they don't seem to want to part with them
  9. Anyone know of any albino barra around or even another if these black jars. Been putting a little thought into them.
  10. +1 for dennison! The 3 tanks I have at the moment have all been built by him in the past at some point. Never had a problem! I sleep soundly at night knowing dennison built them.
  11. I thought it sounded too good to be true. I'll continue to sus it out though.
  12. So tech den do you know if it is right that aquazonic make a 45cm in the miracle led? I always check your website first, as that's where I buy the majority of my stuff but you guys had it starting at 60cm. I have been struggling to find specs on the 45cm model
  13. Is it the aquazonic miracle Donny? How do you rate them. I know they aren't no ecotech but just looking to bring some colour to my tank
  14. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this model of aquazonic miracle lighting. I stumbled upon the 45cm model on a website but that's the only site I have seen the 45cm model for sale. It is very cheap also $34 each which seems far too cheap. Has anyone else come across the 45cm model? This would work out very good for me if I ran 4 of these units above my 8 x 4. Fingers crossed it's not a mistake. I spoke to the owner of the shop and he tells me it is the miracle lighting model.
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