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  1. ive been researching nitrite poisoning and im pretty certain it isnt that. he isnt gasping for air, and he still swims up for food when i feed him and his gills arent darker or anything like that. so what else could it be?
  2. if you use tap water to clean your filter media, it pretty much kills everything good in there. Which then starts your cycle all over again. How many filters do you have on your tank? In future clean your filters with tank water. Also do you have a master test kit. Test the water and that will tell you what your water is doing oh ok well i wont do that anymore than thnx for that. i have one filter underneath the tank which is a 3 stage filter, and then an air filter inside which helps aswell. and no i dont have a master test kit. but what confuses me is how every other fish is perfectly fine :/
  3. ive had them for about a year now roughly and never had a problem, been really strong fish, and i got them off a guy privately from NSW. and yes i did use tap water :S, but i always have used tap water what do u mean by have i wormed my fish lately?
  4. he is the only one out of 15 fish that is acting different thou
  5. hey guys, just wanting to see if i can get some help here ive got a breeding pair of geophagus proximus' and the male has been a bit weird last few days, normally they are both swimming around or staying hidden, but the male is currently out in the open on the bottom of the tank and just today he has dug out a small area where he is, he looks normal and healthy by appearance. also when he swims he seems to struggle to get up higher for food. what could be the cause? (and yes i know the tank is a bit green atm, just did a big clean on my filter and algae has come up)
  6. ok thanks talpha, ill have to try that
  7. well just a couple of hours ago, i tried doing that and yeh the fish spat all the fry out after it was in the net and i had around 200 - 300 fry over my walls i managed to save most of them though im not having much luck
  8. yeh i guess i could but its hard to know when she is going to have them
  9. because 1. there are other fish in there that can eat them and 2. the female eats them
  10. hey guys im just asking what the best way or a couple of ways to collect fry from mouth broaders ive tried a couple times and it just seems to fail each time any help will be much appreciated cheers
  11. hey guys today my pair of geo's let the fry out for the first time to see the tank and i need to get them into my other tank quickly before they start to get eaten. what is the best way to collect them? simply with a net? or get the male in a net, then dip its mouth in the other tank? could he freak out and swallow them? im not too sure so any help is appreciated cheers
  12. this week ive gotten a bunch of fish 4 royal whiptails, 3 about 4cms long and the other about 11cm long a breeding pair of geophagus proximus,15cm, well not sure which geophagus they are, i got them off SKELETOR and so now my tank is full as i have about 27 fish in there lol, doesnt look like it thou
  13. hey guys ive had one of these for a few months and he has been awsome ive just gotten some more and i was wondering if anyone here has bred then before? cheers
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