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  1. I have a large colony (50 odd) of Tropheus Ikola. They are constanly breeding with 30 odd fry in the tank at the moment. Very hard to get photos of fry as they like to stay hidden (for good reason) Let me know if you're interested...
  2. I have had this Tropheus ikola colony for a little while now....Picked them up from a friend looking to get into marine set ups. They were sourced from Jim's stock in Sydney. They are constantly breeding, with 15 -20 odd fry in there with them at them moment (hard to get pics as they hide in the rocks). Colony is approx 50 strong. I run and FX6, 2 wave makers and 2 air stones, which seems to keep the water on point. They are fed on Ocean Nutrition cichlid veggie pellets which keep them happy.
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  4. Yep...Ive done it before, funny to look back and have a laugh, although im sure its not funny for you at the moment! You can buy check valves from our sponsors, Age of Aquariums for $1.
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  6. If you get a tank from Ed, make sure you sand down the edges, or you will be bleeding profusely until you do. Another option is PETFISH on this forum, he makes really good quality tanks, at really good prices, and he lives North Brisbane as well. PM him with what you are after and he will get back to you with price.
  7. I was about to post the same question. I was all set to go, and then found out my Wife had organised a birthday dinner for myself, and invited the whole family! Was still contemplating going to the auction, but "happy wife happy life"! Where is the "happy husband, happy wife"? Anyways, what did everyone get? Where there any Tropheus / L numbers going for a good price?
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  9. Yeah came through that way...paw paw was awesome! I will post some photos up later when I get some time. So cheap but, awesome feed, 8 schooners, 5 or 6 cocktails (could have been more but not sure), and 2 cab rides, all for less than 300 ringgit ($100bucks).
  10. Hahaha awesome Paul, thanks for that mate. That would be awesome, and convenient. Same goes with your fish mate. How are things up your end of forest lake, did you lose power?
  11. All good deadfish mate, just not suppose to tell people where are for safety reasons. I "might be" stopping in through Malaysia somewhere on the way back, hopefully I get the chance to have a few tiger beers and see some of the aquatics they have on display.
  12. Especially thanks to you munruben for the offer buddy, it's nice to know that people are willing to come to the aid of others in a spot of bother. Hopefully the power can stay on for a while yet, and there are enough D cells to get through the night. The shops will be open tomorrow, and I have given the missus instructions on how to add water and dechlirinator to tanks if needed. Again, cheers for the offers of help. P.S I will be much better prepared next time around when I get deployed. I should have showed the missus a lot more, and had more adequate emergency procedures in place to ensure the fishes safety. Lesson learned, thank god it hopefully won't cost me my finned friends.
  13. Hey guys the missus has found the 2 air pumps, and I have spent the last hour instructing her on how to set them up. We have plenty of D cell batteries, so it should get them through the night. The power just come back on which is awesome, so they should e safe for now. I am deployed to the desert if you know where I mean...not really suppose to give out locations when you're in these types of areas...as they say, loose lips sinks ships! Having the Internet is awesome though, being able to connect to QLDAF us cool, it takes your mind off things. I will talk to her about water changes as well if the power goes out...I have plent of aqua star, and ph down for the catfish. Thanks heaps for the offers of help though, if **** hits the fan I will send out an SOS!
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