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  1. Its really not that many tanks. Even going with crazy overkill with a Petworx 303 or Resun LP100, you will have more air than you need, which is always a good reason to expand
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  3. I think it looks neat. Certainly an aesthetically pleasing slant on the natural biotype replication.
  4. Looks a bit like elodea, may have been out of water a bit too long somewhere along the supply chain. Generally considered an easier plant with no real special attention needed. The fact you have a sprig of new growth is a good sign. Any chance of a full tank shot?
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  7. We are also heavily loaded with cool wood of all sizes and priced to sell!
  8. Looks like we are going to be out of stock for around 3 weeks. Ordered 24 and we got 3 Great tanks though, luv 'em.
  9. Otherwise known in the trade simply as HM.
  10. Such a cool product. Hopefully they become more common in Oz and the price comes down a bit. Thinking I could DIY one in about 5 minutes with 2 algae magnets, some plastic fresnel lenses and a few dabs super glue. Wouldnt be as spiffy as the portal, but would be an interesting project. As an added bonus you could add an optional orange lense to give your corals that extra pop! Really loving all the cool algae magnet mods, what with the built in AI's, cameras and remote control functionality. The future is here!
  11. Definitely Cyprichromis Leptosoma Speckleback Moba! Anything else would just be a waste
  12. Correct. We need pictures to confirm any further. If the leaves are faded but the veins are still dark its more likely a magnesium deficiency. Chasing individual deficiencies can be very frustrating and often the best course of action is a nutrient reset, as in ~ big water change, fertz redose with a complete mix. A good resource for identifying deficiencies apparent on aquarium plant leaves is ~> http://deficiencyfinder.com/ Another good tool is looking at which algae are doing well in the aquarium. Algae are usually related to ratio imbalances in the water, so provide good clues.
  13. Overstocked tanks are awesome until the power goes out, and then the countdown to oxygen depletion begins.
  14. Yea why not. Cant make everyone happy lol, but can get ya started with a wee bit You wont have any drama mate, its an easy moss. If anything it does best with a bit less nutrients and light than most people give it.