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  1. New Oscar tank

    Convicts are far more aggressive than oscars, and a small convict can kill a much larger oscar. A pair of breeding convicts can banish even full sized oscars to the corner of the tank. They work well with large oscars just because their aggression off sets their small size so well.
  2. Splosht - Pond water cleaner

    The issue with bacteria food supplements is removing the bacteria before it dies and just dumps all its absorbed nitrate/phosphate back into the aquarium water. In marine we have protein skimmers which just make it soooo easy to separate bacteria from water. In freshwater we are usually best removing them with partial water changes.... and its easy enough to remove these nutrients with a water change wihtout bothering to bioaccumulate them into bacterial blooms in the first place. Ironically its super easy to bind nitrate/phosphate into hair/slime algae, which then is easy to gather up and remove from the water.... just looks horrid of course. Theres always duckweed, which is like the fish keeping equivalent of coriander in cooking. You either love it or hate it.
  3. Splosht - Pond water cleaner

    Its a bacteria food suppliment that artificially increases the population of nitrate/phosphate eating bacteria. While they are alive the nitrate/phosphate is bound up.... but if you stop feeding it, they starve and die and the nitrate/phosphate is released into the water where it can be used by the algae to bloom again. Kinda like showing someone ciggies and then them being stuck addicted to them..... personally I think the CSIRO did it better with phoslock. But its best for aquarists to solve the cause of algae blooms (nutrient load) rather than just treat the symptoms over and over and over and over and over. But hey, each to their own Splosht has proven 1 thing for certain. Radio advertising is still not dead!
  4. Shells

    That is an epic collection. Its worth setting up a shelly tank just for them.
  5. If you decide to take it out, I would continue soaking it in a container/bucket until it settles down. Depending on the fungus species, different things will eat it. Bristlenose, snails and shrimps are all keen to eat most types in my experience.
  6. Its just wood fungus. It will settle down once the sugars stop leeching from the heartwood. It makes up most of the diet of L numbers during the wet when the forest floods. If it was BBA, SAE will keep it under control. But yea its just some wood fungus
  7. Sounds like some sort of sneaky disease. Do the fish behave strangely before dieing? Do they go to the surface or sit on gravel?
  8. Tropical super forte

    Well your spirulina is a unique beast in itself being a sorta half animal/half plant critter. Hence why a mix of veggie and aquatic animals gives a similar sort of nutritional profile to the spirulina itself. Why Ocean? well they lead the world in fish flake tech. Its hard to go past any of their flakes as far as ingredients and nutritional value retained during manufacture is concerned. Human food grade factories, hand packed flakes and more than likely an extra 2% of love go into making these the best of the best. Each to their own I suppose, but we have tried them all and Ocean still holds the crown IMHO http://www.oceannutrition.eu/products.aspx?Product=spirulina-flakes
  9. Adding acid will not drop GH. The lime (which is calcium hydroxide) is boosting GH (which is a measurement of calcium and magnesium in the water) and we can lower GH be...... ~ water changing using rainwater or RO water which has a lower GH ~ using ion exchange resins which grab calcium ~ precipitating out calcium using sneaky chemistry tricks ~ growing things which remove calcium from the water, eg snail plagues
  10. must be a girl right?

    I routinely used astax to colour up male/female African rift cichlid fry when requested by lfs. Not keen to get into an opposing position with you Mick, but perhaps its dependent on concentrations fed. I like to think I coined the phrase "nuked".
  11. Tropical super forte

    Lets see
  12. must be a girl right?

    Yes its an easy cross to duplicate http://www.hikariusa.com/diets/cichlidbiogoldplus/ You guys know what astax does to female cichlids. I have literally posted hundreds of posts about it here Don.
  13. Tropical super forte

    We are in Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Fan Club here at AOA
  14. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Well there ya go, it has a name XD Perhaps my olde boss just called it the white disk so he knew I would come back with the right thing lol