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  1. Endlers dying suddenly

    Are they suffering crazy gill damage? It does sound like poisoning, if its not nitrite maybe something more exotic. Some easylife or activated carbon could be a good call. Examination of guppies under a microscope will usually reveal clues unseen to the naked eye.
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  3. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    From that I am just gonna assume yer not up to date with Apollo Gauntlet XD
  4. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    Everyone is vulnerable to a ddos in todays world.
  5. My pond build

    Seriously impressive work
  6. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    Or you are trying to use a gmail account. After the DDOS attacks they no longer accept gmail for registrations.
  7. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    The admin there just changed the question to a captcha. Figure that should solve some issues.
  8. New plant leaf is turning red/brown

    Its an easy plant if you give it what it needs. Good lighting, fertz and co2. If you want invincible plants for tanks with heavy rasping fish, anubias would be my recommendation.
  9. New plant leaf is turning red/brown

    Under high light this will be a red plant, as the plant gets higher in the water column it encounters greater intensity light..... thus the increase in red colouration. Many ludwigia species are only red on underside of leaves or even just on the stem, others are a solid red all over. At a guess I'd say give Ludwigia repens a google.
  10. New plant leaf is turning red/brown

    Ludwigia by the look of it. Do you have any bristlenose in there.
  11. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    We have noticed a big increase in planted aquarium customers, as well as a big increase in their skill level. Some really top level tanks around the local scene that were just not here before. Low tech, high tech and crazy gimmick setups. The forums still have lots of planted action happening, but you cant deny the juggernaut that the Liverpool Creek FB page has become. They all feed off each other, and we all benefit
  12. Redlands to Close

    End of an era. The hobby is going to miss you Rus!
  13. HELP- is this algae destroying my babytears ?

    Pink baby tears loves its light, so I usually break the bunches up and plant them stem by stem. This prevents them shadowing each other.
  14. Pond canister on aquarium

    We previously sold both, so just going off our experience with issues. Both monsters of filters but long term I definitely give the fluvals the edge for reliability. Its a balancing act with aquarium equipment when it comes to service or replace, as far as cost goes. Personal choice is always going to come into it
  15. Pond canister on aquarium

    The cost of fluval FX filters is in part down to the component quality, which is higher than in the odyssea. They are good bang for money but certainly not as rugged in long term.