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  1. Wtb plants

    We are almost totally sold out at the moment, but we do hopefully have a good sized order getting here before the weekend. Lots of nice stuff But yep, give us a call to check if its arrived first maybe. I'd rather impress than underwhelm!
  2. All in One Fert

    The liverpool stuff is very concentrated. Another good option we use a lot at AOA is the Profito from easylife.
  3. I wouldnt expect ambulia to do well with most all in one LED lights, but the rest you list would prob do ok. Swap out ambulia with foxtail and she'll be apples imho. just go with a green sword rather than a red, and put it somewhere its not going to get put in the shade by the stems. If you really wanted to be sure, could swap the swords for crypts.
  4. Algae magnets

    No matter what you buy, if you trap sand/grit/gravel between the halves you will scratch the glass. Measure your glass thickness and choose your magnet based off that. Thicker the glass the better the magnet you need to get good strong algae scrubbin.
  5. White spot on tail fin of mollie

    Certainly not looking its normal healthy self. Was the plant removed from water? A bit of tip wilt is usual if its been removed during a clean. Certainly meds can also knock around plants, even natural oil based ones, but anubias usually handles like a champ. You dont seem to have fert overdosed, but then I am not sure on what an iron overdose looks like on anubias.

    Thanks guys. And thanks for being awesome and making my job one that I like Rock on.
  7. Tilapia Mariae

    No, those are the most common noxious ones in oz.
  8. Line pulling air into canister

    Check theres no airstone under the intake strainer. Then check all the joins. Then check all the O-rings on intake pipes, taps and main canister head one. Which model canister is it?
  9. Outdoors ibc, how to circulate?

    Something that has become way more popular in the hobby for these situations is the use of air lifts. A quick look on youtube will give you an idea of how far they have come. Using air lift trickery, a low wattage air pump can be use to lift water to an aquaponics growbed..... and you dont get much better IBC filtration than that!
  10. Haters in the hobby

    2 things, What other people think about you is none of your biznis! and No good deed goes unpunished. As someone who has never been afraid to put himself out there, in a culture that encourages knocking down ye olde tall poppy I feel qualified to offer those 2 tidbits. I have people that hate me because I have tried to convince them that their fish problems can all be traced back to cleaning their filters in tap water. "I have been breeding fish for 20 years and I have always done it this way" You try to fix the source of the problem, the reason for the cloudy water or algae bloom INSTEAD of just blindly loading them up with random products to treat the symptoms and people act like you are trying to lord it all over them lol. It can be a confusing hobby. End of the day I put the fish first, thats how I base my advice. Do that and you are going to hurt the odd feeling. Compassion for the human is the second priority and it is very important. Its hard for people to ask for advice AND hard for them to watch a pet suffer/die. You gotta understand that, and then use that to try not come off as jerk. Still, its not easy. There is no reward for taking time out of your day to help people on fish forums really. And when you help people in a lfs, they are rightly suspicious that you are merely trying to sell them stuff lol. End of the day theres nothing to stop people having a solo adventure in this hobby..... but we arent all bad. Just be prepared for everyone to have their 2 cents if you post about the hobby online. Don.
  11. Worm problems?

    Likely just harmless gravel worms, kinda like killing earthworms in a garden. I mean they are ugly yea.... and I suppose thats a legit reason to kill them. You can reduce their food by adding fish that compete like corys or even just increasing gravel vacs.
  12. White spot on tail fin of mollie

    Pimafix could be of use, and yes you can combo it with melafix. Maintain good oxygenation when using these products as they can slightly reduce gaseous exchange. Worth a shot if you already have it. Keep up the pic taking, as its the best way to check if its geting better/worse.
  13. Formaldehyde is generally good for these bacterial/fungal looking things, hence why the formalin/malachite blend is so popular in the trade.
  14. White spot on tail fin of mollie

    Raising the temperature in this case is usually a bad idea as it accelerates the bacterial/fungal growth. 24 degrees celcius or below would be my advise. Most "multi-cure" style meds cover enough bases to be good options. The most cost effective one we stock is probably the wardley fungus-ade. Like all these style products though it may discolour your aquarium silicon.
  15. Cant view the .mov unfortunately. Does sound like a common neon/cardinal disease though. Problem being the usual brutal bacterial/fungal meds we use are harsh on clown loaches. Myxazin might be a suitable med.