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  1. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    Plenty of under appreciated fish that are already here in the Australian hobby. I think we are safe in the fact that most hobbyists go through their "cichlid stage", so always going to be a market for electric yellows. With the tech advancement though, many people who previously challenged themselves with cichlids, now challenge themselves with a reef or high tech planted.
  2. Current Hybrid Status

    The flowerhorn scene in Australia continues to grow and mature. The quality of fish being produced now is quite fantastic.
  3. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    I like how there is no guppy breeders complaining Srsly, if you have a finger on the pulse of whats hot at the moment..... its still an exciting hobby to follow. If you ever get sick of the local scene, jump on facebook and check what the Germans are doing, or the Italians. Theres always someone pushing the envelope, here in Australia the exciting part of the hobby has been the maturation of the backyard aquaponics people. Its a lot bigger than most people realise, and is DIY intensive on a scale that makes everything before it seem adorable.
  4. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    Thats it. The base line of the hobby has stayed the same. Electric yellows are still $5 each @ 5cm, same as they were 15 years ago. But we now have possible loot worth much more. I think its more that the hobby now caters for those chasing something rare, as well as to those chasing something common. The higher you go up that ladder, the lonelier it gets.
  5. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    I dunno it all seems golden to me, the hobby is just fragmented more these days is all. Less people keeping cichlids is upsetting for the cichlid people maybe, but more people with aquaponics and wabi kusa even it out. My facebook feed daily has so much cool fish stuff posted that, there is absolutely zero chance of me seeing posts from family! The hobby is pumping and evolving!
  6. Time to get back into it.

    I look at that.... and I dream of frogs
  7. Current Hybrid Status

    We really do need to talk about platy XD
  8. Red worms

    Will the real AOA please stand up? But yes this is one of the crew there.
  9. Glass Fish Tank 36" x 14" x 18"

    Not tempered. We have many customers that have drilled them for use in systems with no problem
  10. Looking: the big hose shut valves for eheim 2250/2260

    See them for sale new for about $100 each.
  11. Can anybody ID these worms?

    Yea maybe, more likely to just be a flatworm tho IMHO. 99% likely to not be drama.
  12. I would get the values for Lake Malawi water and then try replicate it. Texas holey rock is the same chemical as limestone is the same as coral is the same as shellgrit is the same as marble. All of them will help prevent pH going below 7.6, which is the lowest you want a Malawi tank to go. Its also close to the usual tapwater pH which makes water changes much easier and less stressful.
  13. Red worms

    Can you visually see redworms hanging out of your fishes butt hole? Or have you just found a red worm in your substrate?
  14. Help in Identifying Cichlids

    2 ~ Tropheus duboisi 3 ~ redtop zebra female?
  15. Hey John, unfortunately that book

    Aquarium Fish Breeding

    By Jay F. Hemdal

    Has been unavailable from our distributor for 2 years. Theres a copy on ebay currently for $50 but if you wait for it to become available on fish pond you should be able to get it for a lot less than that.  http://www.fishpond.com.au/Books/Aquarium-Fish-Breeding-Jay-F-Hemdal/9780764122088