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  1. Vsimo, good job on getting the thomasi, great little fish. I can't find a lot of the fish that I used to keep, not exactly sure why, if they're not around, or if it's because I don't go looking across every digital platform to find them. Oh for the day when QLDAF was the be all and end all!
  2. Definitely a spectacular fish, and gee, they get big I once had an awesome colony of them in a big 7fter with Blue Dolphins as well.
  3. Gingerbeer, I'm not sure but imports appeared to be easier to get back in the mid 2000's when I was actively looking for more and more species to keep. With the forum being the one place to find everything other than physical shops, I wonder if the imports are just that much harder to find now across all the digital platforms, or they're just not around anymore.
  4. Hi team, I've got this stuff growing in a community tank, and it likes to grow on everything including the plants, rocks and backing etc. You can see a heap of it growing on the backing in the photos. Any idea what it is, and any suggestions for getting rid of it? Thanks, Andrew.
  5. I second that Aquaholic99. From my own experience it takes a serious (almost mad) fish keeper to take a large full setup, so if ever you have to get out of it for one reason or another (like when I went overseas), having non-standard sizes makes it hard to move one tank at a time, and you may not find someone prepared to take the lot. In saying that Hawkman, go for it if you have measured up and it works for you, nothing quite as sweet as a neat, new setup.
  6. Hi Vavery, Building a bubble nest is a good thing, and I wouldn't call it cruel to not get him a girlfriend. Sometimes it is actually quite cruel what a mature male does to a female when they're not open to the advances. I learn from a lady in Gympie years ago of introducing the female to the male, separated in the tank in a clear glass lampshade, and to not let them get together until it was clear that they were keen to get along. As for building a bubble nest when a fish has fin rot, I can't be certain, but there aren't many organisms that are excited about breeding when they aren't feeling well. If you're worried about fin rot, you could add melafix to treat without harming the fish/tank, and perhaps increase your water change % as well. A bit of salt helps as well. Regards, Andrew.
  7. Hi Frank, For new big fish I used to have a 6x20x20 running full of sponge filters without substrate that I kept a number of tough/disposable fish in that I'd use for cycling new tanks. When I bought something new with a bit of size to keep, I'd throw the cyclers into a 100lt container with some of the mature sponge filters for a couple of weeks while I could check out the newby in the tank. If it was all good, it went in the plumbed system or if an issue was found it was easy to treat in the isolated tank or dispose of the fish and drain and dry the tank and sponges that were in there before setting it back up with the cyclers a couple of weeks later. For a ray one of those 1000lt pods could be suitable, and if you didn't want to heat it while keeping it as a mature setup for quarantining new stock you could run some big goldies in there as your cyclers. Quarantining is certainly a good idea, I learnt the hard way early into sumped setups about how important it is. Cheers, Andrew.
  8. Ah DFishKeeper, growing old gracefully and I hope still the garage full of fish. Fish are still popular up in CQ but like anything, the ways of buying fish these days has increased, and I agree with those above who say more people are keeping fish, and overall I think it's seeing supply of fish exceed demand in a lot of cases. Not a lot of people seem to be buying across breeders to be sure to get a mix of bloodlines any more, and the range of 'funky' fish going around is pretty high. You should see what a mate in town here has from a couple of Apistogramma they bought from an online mob, bent backs and all. A nice display tank in the house is still hard to beat, and a shed full of tanks is still surely very appealing
  9. Hi Doug, Ha ha ha, I love the line there. I'm getting my boys into fish keeping these days. I have handed over my favourite 4ft that my father and I did up when I was in my teens to my oldest and he's keenly interested having helped source some good coarse creek gravel and random aquatic plants from around Blackwater on the weekend. Things are certainly going well for Min and I, enjoying life in Blackwater and CQ. How different life is without the weekends to spend 100% of the time on fish, instead driving around the country for kids weekend sporting events. Thus the slow progress of the setups, along with the fact that we've moved almost annually since coming back to Australia now in our 3rd house in 2.5 years (all in Blackwater). The whims of the mining game indeed.
  10. By jingos Donny you've nailed it! A 2228 - you're a legend!
  11. Hi Donny, Definitely no sticker on the head, if there was, it would have worn off in the last decade I'd say as this thing has just kept on going.
  12. Hi squidlinc, If you don't like the look of it then yeah, definitely scrape it off, as I find that it doesn't go away otherwise. I've had the stuff in both white and pink colouration over the years, got into the tanks somehow (like Donny suggests, probably from wood or rocks or plants that I've collected in the wild) and to be honest, I really like it. I've not had it on plants, but have had it grow so much in the middle of sponge filters that it grows up and out of it, and also in canisters etc.
  13. Hi Team, I went to put my trusty old Eheim canister back into service yesterday and found some of the o-rings cracked. Problem is, I can't find anywhere that sells Eheim parts as showing the filter taps fitting as needing three o-rings when you can see in these pic it clearly does. Only the two larger ones connect to the hoses, while the center one has a little o-ring as well. Any ideas team? I think the canister is a 2224, but what's the go? Thanks in advance, Andrew. -Fishtraderlau in Blackwater...
  14. Speaking from the personal tragedy of it, I wouldn't recommend mussels in a tank at all. Like a few have mentioned, they are indeed a lump of meat, and what happens when they die and you're away for a little while is not good at all. Andrew. - Fishtraderlau in Blackwater...
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