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  1. Damn, I was gonna pick that up, good score mate hes a beauty if you ever need to move him on let me know ive got a 8x2x2 that needs stocking haha
  2. HAHA my daughter was helping me spread the substrate around, but was mighty dissapointed when the water and fish went in because she wanted to go swimming...lol Stocking at this time is; jag jag/flowerhorn pair of jack dempsey pair of bay snooks pair of brasiliensis 3 silver dollars sailfin gibbi 3 featherfins and a unknown synodontis but i also have a large Red Devil to go in but im hesitant because at the moment his nuchal hump is the size of a golf ball and developed a hell of a meanstreak literally since setting up the new tank... oh and a 10cm cuban who is a notorius face-eater... Matt
  3. Hard to tell from pics but the top bracing is that dark green edge where as the starfire is clear when looking from above, hope that helps? Matt
  4. I got an 8x2x2 from ARU last week, paid for the front panel in starfire and when it arrived at my house they informed me that they had done the sides in starfire aswell at no extra cost. And the tank was finnished beautifully, no sharp edges, not a scratch on it and no excess silicon. Extremely happy with ARU Matt
  5. Hey My names Matt, I live Morayfield, moved up from central coast NSW about 18 months ago where l owned numerous tanks but now have a 4x2x2 holding tank for my fish to go into a 8x2x2 that was delivered on Thursday and a 4x18x18 with a red devil and a cuban. Heres a few Pics... Thanks for looking, Matt
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