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  1. Thanks guys, your help was greatly appreciated. I'll let you know how it turns out. Jess&Jed
  2. Hi guys, could anyone please give me few tips on breeding brine shrimp? I have seen a few of the 2ltr coke bottle ideas on the internet but is this for breeding or just hatching? Cheers, Jess&Jed
  3. Thanks for all your help guys. I used myzaxin to treat her and the rest of the tank and she is now back to molly-ing around better than ever . Cheers, Jess&Jed
  4. One of my mollies has a white fungus growing from the left side. Is there any particular fungicides that anyone could recommend? Cheers, Jess&Jed
  5. How do i go about water changes to the breeders box or are they not needed? Most of the left over food and and fish waste falls in to the big tank through the holes in the bottom of the box but there's not much circulation in there. Cheers, Jess&Jed
  6. Thanks Rion. We bought a new tank today that i may raise all of our fry in(guppies, mollie and swordtails). Is this a good idea? Cheers, Jess&Jed
  7. Thanks guys. I have lowered it a bit as i am introducing some bn catfish tomorrow but it is still at a steady ph 8.2 wich i believe both species of fish should be comfortable. Thanks again for all your help. Jess&Jed
  8. Thanks Hellboy. My mollies just had some fry so im going down to the shops now to buy some driftwood and get some baby brine shrimp. Will let you know how it all goes.
  9. Hey guys, I'm new to the whole aquarium thing and my mollies have jus had about 30 fry . I have them in a breeders box seperated from the mother but how long can i keep them in it for? There is 30 so its a bit tight for space but i dont have the hardware for another tank (i.e. another filter ect.) and i really want them to survive. I'm feeding them baby brine shrimp and ground tropical flakes, is this a good diet for fry? Cheers, Jess&Jed
  10. Hi guys, im just setting up my second tank and im having trouble with the ph. I want to keep only guppies in the tank and hopefully breed them but i cant seem to reduce the ph for more than half a day or so . Does anyone have any tips on how i could reduce it and keep it steady or even what is causing this to happen? I am currently using ph down to lower it and it has worked for my other tank that has mollies, guppies and bn catfish. Cheers, Jess&Jed
  11. Hi Jaynee, im chasing some male guppies and i wouldnt mind having another bristlenose and could always do with another filter. If these are still available please contact me as i am very keen. Cheers, Jess&Jared
  12. Hi guys, i've just set up a freshwater tank with guppies, mollies and two BN catfish and all my male guppies have died but my females have had fry. Could anyone please give me info on why only the males have died and also any tips on raising the fry? I did buy all of the males from the same tank so maybe this could have something to do with it?
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