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  1. SonOfAlerik

    just want some advice bout a sump

    Hi, My sump is designed for particle removal, though i have had fry sucked down the drains, that, to my surprise have grown to a good size in there. But, only a few at any time have been there.
  2. Hi Cally, Mant thanks for the link, looks very interesting. Lots to read up on. Regards, Mark.
  3. Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice as to which tubes i should fit into my light box. The light box can take 2 x 4 foot tubes, and 2 x 2 foot tubes. I really want to have a nice display tank of general Tetra's, Danios, Barbs, Rainbows etc....... All going into a 72 x 24 x 24 with a 36 x 18 x 15 sump as the main filter, An Eheim 2217 will run as back up/secondary filter. So, not only do i want to show of the colours of the fish, i also want to be able to grow the plants that i put in. What tubes can i use with my existing fittings that will promote plant growth. Any advice will be most welcome. Regards, Mark.