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  1. Hi all I'm having trouble with my geo's wondering if anyone can help? I've got a 6x2x2 running 2 2200ltr/hr cannisters, in the tank i have a breeding pair of rio pindares 15cm , 5 tapajos 10ish cm, 5 ottos, 2 corys & a sae. 3 weeks ago I picked up 4 tapajos to add to my 1 lonely tapa, 2 weeks went by all good, but the last week 1 went dark, stopped eating, started twitching, eyes went milky & eventually keeled over now I've got a second heading that way any help would be appreciated. Pete.
  2. Top job, very informative & helpfull. Pete.
  3. Hi all, I've got some praecox rainbows outside in a tub & wanted to know if they'd survive or not over winter in the tub?. Pete.
  4. Hey mate. Would like to take them all. Can I come check out the bn? Are you open to negotiation on all of them?

    Regards, Howie.

  5. Ok so went down the local petshop yesterday. As i haven't been able to find these globes locally anywhere but the petshops, they had 2ft aqua one globes so i grabbed a tropical & a sunlight which both say for plants all good, get home & try to put them in there to short, new ones are 59.5cm my old ones are 60.5cm I didn't realise there is different sizes in 2ft's, so I did mods on the light to make them fit, all good. Pete.
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  7. Ok thanks guys, I will try the suggestions & see how I go. Pete.
  8. Hi all, Need to upgrade 2ft fluro bulbs for planted tank any suggestions?, never done a planted tank, what do I need to be looking for?. Pete.
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  10. I've never seen them sold as feeders but i have seen them sold as pacific blue eyes in a lfs. They were very embarassed to say the least when pointed out.
  11. Long toms have the nastiest teeth ever, good luck just make sure there well fed. Pete.
  12. I've seen tilapia & gambusia for sale on gumtree so it happens. & I to would love some honeys for an outdoor tub, if anyone has any. Pete.
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