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  1. ah thought so good luck with it webmaster
  2. i get what rod is saying also , as in thair is alott of vairable factor's ,, to many for me to comprehend aquasonic rift lake conditiner/salts work for me , probably because my variable factors , go well with the pre pacaged mix as wear others that can play chemist should be able to diy in thair way and it works for them ,,no one tank ,is the same ie town/tank/ water diferent subs , end rant
  3. i tryed the diy mixes for african's and it gave me bad luck ,back on rift lake salts and bad luck is gone ? go figure
  4. it sounds like your on the rite path so as for sompthing els you can do , go on qldaf to pass the time , good luck with it all
  5. yep great , great great , has awsome imported stuff and is an interesting person ,, personal comment ,view from dealings
  6. if thair wer clubs closer ''my problem yes'' id join them all eaven if i could only make it twice a year the clubs/ member's are priceles for so many reasons already listed
  7. great auction thanks for putting it on and thanks to all the volentears ,, glad we made the four hour drive , it was worth it as useual
  8. your theory is corect for albino bn but the l144 is diferent it may work but you need to reproduce l144 100% ofr four generations atleast befor they are l144 ,, imo anny way
  9. if i want albinos i want them to come from a pair of albinos .
  10. its a throw back geeene but thats your average person ,, brreding and sellin whateva they have most dont eaven bother to look at thair breeders history , and that is only ppl's word witch weighs less than a feather now a days now what iwould call a good breeder would tell you exactly what the liniage is if asked ! ''asked'' as aussie said basicly a bnis a bn no matter what its color /finage is ,, thats just geenes ,, no insults intended just my twisted point of view
  11. i wont lie ive ocasionaly xsd fish ,,useualy just use them as feeders , ocasionaly keep one as a cleener never sell or trade or give away the xes thoe ,,i hate a fish that dosent breed true , as im sure 99% feal the same
  12. cros whateva you want in your own tank ,, just tell the truth when selling , experamenting is part of this hobby wether we like it or not ,i recall a debait if you x and then line breed anny fish and get it to reproduce 100% 7-10 times line breed its a new species , not sure how tru that is but i found it interesting
  13. long story short from what i understand they only ever found one origenal l144 then line breed it with albinos till the reproduced the l144 .
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