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  1. The kids just walked past the tank and noticed 50 or so baby fish in the tank in amounst the large sandstone rocks, upon closer inspection the 2 convicts have burrowed some caves under the rocks and have about 50 or so babies. I have about 30 other various cichlids in the tank, and have been watching the tank for the past 30 minutes or so and one of the convicts seems to be doing a good job at keeping the other fish at bay whist the other stays in the den. My question - how long can they keep the fish at bay before they get overrun or too tired to keep up the perimeter? I dont like my chances of getting the fry out into another small tank as if I start to move the rocks out the way all the fish will go mad and scatter. Should I just leave them and let nature take its course?
  2. hi dorris just wondering if you still have that ride on available if so could you give me some more details on it an maybe a pic



  3. After pondering back and forth I am leaning towards going with Diamond Black which is a quatz substrate in my 5 footer. Although I did change my mind to sand again this morning over breakfast but then changed it back again .,... . The formula above that brockssracer posted to work out sand weight , is it the same formula for the stones ? The price is what is stopping me at the moment at $39 /10kg bag. My scaping skills are really pitiful and I know I will have no success in getting my tank looking like the bidkev's above mine would look more like a dogs breakfast. I will try the sand in my daughters 2 foot tank that she is getting for xmas and see how it goes
  4. I have a 5ft tank with African Ciclids, It currently has black and white gravel. My daughter wants the black and white for her new 3ft tank she is getting for xmas so I was going to take the opportunity to change mine over to white sand. After doing a few searches on here I wanted to clear up a few things: I read that the white sand can cause the fish to lose their colours - fact of fiction? Should I look at getting calcium cabonate or is white sand from bunnings is fine? How many kgs of sand for a 152cm long x 39cm wide tank? How do I change it over? do I need to get all the fish out, try and save the water empty the stones, put in the sand, put back the old water and put the fish back in? Would be great if some of you can post up a few picks of your substrate as well I'm a realative newby when it comes to fish so be kind
  5. I am chaising a canister filter to suit my 152cm long x 39cm wide x 50cm high tank , I think its about 300litres? I currently have two small internal filters running but I want a canister filter. The wife demands it must fit inside the cabinet so I measured up and the cupboards as per attached pic. From the yellow markers in the pic you can see the internal space of the cupboard is taller than the door opening due to the top bulkhead so I could tilt a filter in I suppose as long as I have long enough hoses. The cupboard is 36cm deep I am not fussy on brands and a chinese filter will do fine as long as it fits. Any suggestions? A short wide filter would be ideal but they all seem to be tall and narrow
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