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  1. Must admit i took a few years off too & "cycled" through a few other (also ridiculously addictive and expensive) hobbies haha. Back on the tank wagon again & not planning on leaving anytime soon. Was stoked QLDAF is still around, just need to get the activity flowing again like it used to I think we have all grown out of a few bad habits since then, and maybe picked up a few more
  2. Long time since i've seen Grumundi on here!!! Best of luck with your brothers fish, unfortunately i am on the wrong side of the country to be of much assistance
  3. Welcome, i have just done the same over the last few months & its amazing how many bloody tanks you can end up with in a (VERY) short amount of time! Damn you gumtree & ebay lol. Good to see some more Sunshine Coasters on here too! What sort of setups are you considering/focused on?
  4. Welcome, good to see some more sunny coast members joining
  5. Looking good so far, can't wait for the rest!
  6. Following, love this build
  7. Absolutely loved this build, I'm building two similar sized indoor ponds in my garage pretty much exactly the same way as you - so I've learnt allot and had many of my questions answered in terms of fixing a viewing window to pond liner. I'm building my box out of structural ply, it will be 8ft long X 4ft wide X 3ft high, do you think it could support a 6ft viewing window if I use polycarbonate? I also wanted to have a 4x4x2ft cube (upside down, so fish can swim up inside of it) on one half of the pond. Do you think the window could handle the pressure of all that extra water volume and weight? Sorry for all the questions, just thought you'd probably be one of the best to advise me being such a similar project to yours. Cheers, nick.
  8. How's everything going? I'm doing something similar at the moment but with an indoor pond
  9. Where did you get yours? I would love some for my native watferall setup.
  10. PS: F************ me! i need one of these! haha
  11. Lids house lights, but also probably there for other reasons (storm protection, uv, bird poo, decorative effect etc)
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. I was told 30cm by the local landscape centre, but my yard is fully fenced and we don't have toads so my pond would be toad free anyway If someone was to go to the effort and money of constructing a fence or structure around their pond - obviously they would research more than one persons advice and would find out the exact height (less than 60cm - not sure what exact height - sorry). Just offering some suggestions.
  14. I had one of his cabinets/hoods ^ Was a 6x2x2 Cabinet & Hood: designed to house a 4x2x2 tank with a viewing platform on each side and to hold a larger sump underneath the tank. Excellent Heavy Quality piece of stained timber furniture. Heard his aquariums are really good too.
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