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  1. I used to be involved with the GCAS many years ago, but life often takes us on may divergent paths. They used to do displays and competions at the Gold Coast Show, does this still happen? Bruce
  2. I think you should always try to breed the sort of fish you care about, so it never becomes a chore. Of course the other thing to take into account is your water conditions. It is much easier to breed the sort of fish that like your existing water, so you don't have to muck around with water chemistry.
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  4. If you need to buy 425g tins you can try http://www.primo.net.au/?page=catlist&id=1 Bruce
  5. Hi, as the title suggests, has anyone used a Digital InfraRed Thermometer for testing temps of their tanks? If you have, did it seem to be accurate? This seems like an easy way to check temp of a lot of tanks without having to have lots of little thermometers. Ta for any assistance Bruce
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