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  1. yeah that's the main other thing I feed them that way exactly im just surprised how its just happened now after years of having him and never a issue
  2. yeah there mainly on a protein diet they have a nibble on the greens but prefer the pellets and yeah ill have to try check for worms I little hard to get near enough at the right time in the large tank though
  3. .hey guys I have a albino pleco I have had for a few years hes about 30-35cm and has always been in good health just recently I have noticed him staying around the same spot in the tank this is a little out of the normal from him and he seems to be thinning out I havent changed there food haven't added any new fish and he seems healthy other wise. As a whole he has defiantly lost weight/size I his mid section but at times its like he sucks his gut in even more and its then completely concave and looks terrible a while latter tough he seems to flatten out but is still skinnier than normal he has been taking trip to the top more recently and taking air in the water is around 27 degrees and all the parameters are normal to how it has been for years there I another pleco in there and hes completely normal. Any ideas ? I have tried a few different foods to see if that would help but it doesn't seem that it has I did notice the other day that he was taking a crap so it would seem hes eating
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  5. hmmmm dammed if you do dammed if you don't haha only reason I remove them is because he normaly kicks them after a few days and the L333's I think take a liking to them as eggs still
  6. that's it but im in no way 100% sure its the tumblers fault
  7. Hey guys I used to get my eggs out of the caves and throw them in a fry saver then use the spray bar to tumble them this worked great for me for at least 10-15 maybe even more batches of my previous pepps now 6 months later I have different pepps well some the same some new and I tried this method again but lost all of the eggs to fungus (eggs going white) so I recently bought a proper tumbler and im only getting a 50% success rate at best I have now tumbled 4 batches and I have some in there now 2 days ago all fine and healthy today 15-20 going white this has been the same for all the batches in there any ideas ?
  8. Hey there , just another option I ordered 6 new tanks from theauariumshop at me tank , they r mostly online but u can also go into the shop, they not only matched other prices but beat them for me

    Hope u get sorted


  9. why not just get a large tub from Bunnings or the likes and use it as a grow out for now ?
  10. Hey all looking to get some snail rid has anyone used this to cull there snail issues I have tried a loach but as soon as he was removed they come back so looking at a chemical solution please let me know what you have used and how it went thanks
  11. thank you for your reply I just found it on another site but I forgot about that site as well will be going through that to thanks
  12. come to think of it not sure if it was 20 something feet long not 20,000 litres cant remember 100%
  13. A while back some one put up a link to a huge salt water tank a guy built in the bottom level of his house from memory it was a L shape then as he was doing that he built in the lower section of the house around it all I think from memory it was something like 20,000 litres or something like that if you know of this or a site that may have it in the build thread please pm or post up here thanks
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