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  1. Needs more fish IMO or more rocks n stuff... you either need to give them more territories or less space. Less space is probably ore effective. I have 4 electric yellows, 5 electric blues(all girls ), 3 red empress (2 girls 1 boy... he's awesome spawned on the weekend!! ), 1 Venustus, 2 Rubin Red Peacocks (occasional lip locks... Ima ditch the sub soon), 2 Albino Peacocks, 2 White Knights(hate em) and 3 Blue Dolphins in a 4' with a couple of BN's. I keep em well fed(NLS 2mm pellets, some flake occasionally and brine shrimp 2-3 times a week) and have extra filtration... don't have too many probs other than the Rubin Reds locking up. Good luck finding what's wrong
  2. You should get an easy $20-30 for the good quality ones.... but you'll probably want to keep them for yourself. The all blue looking ones I dunno?? Might still get $15-20(I love the stripe down the nose so I wouldn't touch em for now). Perhaps throw a couple in another tank and see what happens. Get some more ladies and you'll have yourself a couple of really sweet colonies!! Just depends on $$$.
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  4. Atm I have 24 Fish in a 350L tank.... 5 Electric Blues 4 Electric Yellows 3 Blue Dolphins 3 Red Empress 2 White Knights 2 Rubin Red Peacocks 2 Albino Peacocks 1 Venustus 2 common BN's They're all still pretty juvie atm(between 4-9cm ish)
  5. Hi all, I recently introduced 2 White Knights into my mixed tank. My concern is that I have 5 Electric Blues which I fear they may try to cross breed with. Has anyone experienced this before? Other than that the bigger of the 2 is very aggressive and from what I can see hates everyone else lol.
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  7. Now the next question is what to fish to go with next and how many is too many in that size tank... atm... 5x Electric Blues 3x Red Empress..... I think 1 boy 2 girls 1x Venustus..... should I get him some buddies?? 4x Electric Yellows 2x Common BN's Right now the largest is about 8cm... I was thinking of getting a couple of Blue Dolphins and a few Peacocks not really sure what to look for Just want something to add plenty of colour
  8. My 4ftr Currently have.. 5x Electric Blues 3x Red Empress 1x Venustus 4x Electric Yellows 2x Comon BN's
  9. A Red Empress & Venustus (about 6-8cm). My mate gave me 2 BN's as well!! Looking for an Electric Yellow or 2 now... pm me if you have some on the Southside(roughly same size) Cheers, Steve
  10. Oh man I did plenty of that.... or at least I think I did!! Atm everything seems to be going really well. Got my PH @ 7.8, Ammo is 0, Nitrite is 0 & Nitrate is 5ppm. Checked it with the ppl @ Pet City too so it's just a monitoring thing now. I have 5 Electric Blues (6-8cm I guess, tank warming present they were lol), a Red Empress and a Venustus around the same size with 2 little BN's atm. I know it's quite a few fish for such a young tank so I'm still a bit cautious. I'll throw some piccys up soon..... looking pretty sweet tho for now!!
  11. Yeh just seems a waste when you're not home. Anyway they seem pretty happy atm.
  12. Yeah more or less, more concerned with the extended warm spell we've had in Brissy... but I'm sure you're all very aware of that
  13. Thanks guys. I've also got an extra internal filter that I wasn't planning on using until the tank was stocked more but would probably help to shuffle the surface water around a bit. Would one of these be of benefit other than looking pretty?? http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3479&catID=8 Cheers, Steve
  14. Hi all, Looking for advice on how to cool my tank or does it really need to happen? I have 5 Electric Blues in there atm and currently the water temp is between 29-31 degrees. Cheers, Steve
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