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  1. is that just structual pine from bunnings and what screws did you use or coach bolts
  2. hey guys gonna have a attempt at building a 3 tiered 4ft stand just wondering if anyone has any plans or could post a link so some form of diagram i could go by and some ideas on materials was just gonna use strucual pine an maybe some coach screws of some description any help much appreciated
  3. Hey guys well after enduring the ipswich floods again i have lost yet another tank my display sunsun 6x2x2 now i am aware that these tanks are near impossible to get anymore but does anyone know where i could get a replacement quote for this tank. or at very least something very similar all help is much appreciated. matt
  4. yeah i think ill pass on the mussels
  5. i had sand in a large american tank before and they generate to much waste for sand i think , thats why im more leaning towards the african tank plus i think it will look better with the 3d latex back ground
  6. yeah i used to run sponges on my cannisters but both tanks are sumped now anyway just undecisive as to which tank to convert
  7. so after just moving house im about to set up my 2 6ft tanks how ever i am now faced with a evil dilema as i have been toying with the idea of converting one of them to sand one tank is a african display with 3d latex wall and other is large americans with just a black pinted back ground the american tank used to have black gravel and the african had a natural river gravel just after some peoples thoughts as to wich tank would be best with white sand, i know what im in for as ive had tanks with sand before just unsure as to wich tank to convert.
  8. yeah im still kickin just, bub is in hospital still not sure when he will be aloud home ill call you on the weekend and explain had a fair few probs practically been livin at hospital for last few months
  9. cheers mate want some nice white lights and some blue ones for moon lighting
  10. wouldnt know how to brock any idea on price
  11. can anyone recommend a good sparky to rewire my cactus sun sun hood
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