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  1. Angels and Discus

    Thanks everyone for comments. Think i'm gunna give it a go . As above, transition away from Discus. Cheers
  2. Angels and Discus

    Just wondering, does anybody here keep Angels and Discus together ? I have decided to move away from Discus as the expense v the loss rate is getting me down. Don't want to offload my 4 current healthy long term discus, just want to add 4 - 5 angel fish with them. 130 gal / 500 lt sumped display system also contains a large Pleco an 6 large loaches which are no concern to the current discus population. Would like to hear of any experiences. Cheers . Brendan
  3. New fish tank HELP WITH FILTER PLZ

  4. Where did we all go?

    I am hearing you brother .... Loud and clear. BTW. I reckon ya should take up poetry . Ya may be famous like that Banksy guy.. Seriously. Im inspired.
  5. Where did we all go?

    Yep. I remember the days when the forum was full on. Was good fun. ..... However, ...... Things constantly change , for better or worse ... ya just gotta deal with it . I think things like facebook, ( IT ) , change of forum ownership, young guns coming though he ranks. Cost of living. etc . Blah Blah Blah. I guess you're still here an i'm still here. That covers the important people. :-) An all the other long termers . Cheers
  6. Yeah I'm not sure jc. I do 50 % water changes every three days, have a sumped system with all the essential bells and whistles and a fair bit of experience. The Marlboro Reds and yellows do ok, have been there 18 months . Just about anything else i try goes well for 6 months and then turns up toes. There does seem to be some territorial issues cause a bit of stress ( Discus aren't the calm placid creatures some will have you believe ) but outside of that I can't see anything i can do to improve the situation. Brendan
  7. Tap water Craigo . All the right treatments. As i say, dont have this trouble with anything else and i've kept just about everything ( freshwater ) over the years. Just really pissed atm an venting .......... as i watch my hard earned dollars go in the bin.
  8. My immediate thought is to hit em with rapid white spot treatment . The stuff with formaldehyde in it . That said, you could have a multitude of issues, just suggesting that works " mostly" for me with parasitic issues Cheers
  9. Seriously, been keeping discus for around 18 months now. Just can't get a win, every thing is going good then out of the blue one will just cark it. Bloody expensive fish and i just cant seem to keep them long term. Frustrates the bejeezus out of me . I never claim to be a guru but i been keeping fish for 25 years and never had the trouble i have with discus. Keen to hear from other (long term) discus keepers . Have the fish just become hi bred phuck up"s ? Or am i just a $hite fish keeper Loaches and sailfin pleco been in the same tank for 9 years now with no problems. Brendan
  10. Filter Leaking

    Ive never had any problems. Been using it for years .
  11. Filter Leaking

    I had a similar problem recently reviving a 10 year old Fluval 305 canister filter. Ended up giving all the o rings (2) a good coating of Vaseline. Presto, no more problems. Cheers
  12. Gravel Height

    No gravel / substrate is arguably best, however is not real pleasing to the eye. Especially in a display tank. I think your on tha money with 10 -20 mm as is easy to vacuum when doing water changes. :-)
  13. What sort of algae is this???

    yeah, i have bba in my discus tank. is not something you can easily get rid of. I just live with mine . you can manage and let grow where ya want. ie. looks great left long on logs etc but will also grow in any scratches on ya glass, Just rid where ya dont want during ya routine maintenance. Cheers
  14. If he dont settle down soon he will stress the other two to death. I always found a hammer works well for troublesome fish. :-)
  15. i drilled a 1 inch hole in the centre of mine .