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  2. i have been for a while, im just concerned it will get worse and my fish will end up on the floor.
  3. southport aquarium and petland, behind the brickworks, wouldn't bother anywhere else.
  4. yeah its an ARU tank and its a 5ft. the bubbles are defiantly on the inside ronny. :s
  5. noticed some rather large bubbles in my tank seam, pretty concerned about them just wondering what you all think thanks.
  6. im not even from china you bitch

  7. Qantas is doing some good deals on one-way tickets to China. Why don't you buy one?

  8. hey mother fucker. you're a shit break dancer and a homo

  9. thanks all, yea the three are on their own in a 2ft. the male is pretty bossy but i think thats due to the new environment. hopefully they will breed in time.
  10. picked these up on the weekend from aquariums alive.
  11. go on cyphos.com thats the best info you will find. or on this site Frontosa Corner
  12. southport petland and aquariums is the way to go, cant get any better.
  13. only one way to find out, message sent.
  14. sure can, just give it a good wash.
  15. yea sand is great, i just put black sand in my front tank and it looks great, and the fronts love it
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