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  1. Awesome, love it, keep us posted
  2. I upgraded the lights in my ar620T hood with one of these: http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/beamswork-hi-lumen-60-rgb-miracle-led-aquarium-colour-light-863.html Fits perfectly with some basic modifcations to the hood. Just completely remove the old ligght fittings. great colour and a cheap upgrade i reckon
  3. this was the most recent recipe i used: scallops with row attached white fish (can't remember which type i used) green prawns spirulina powder astaxanthin powder paprika egg yolk dried pellets (blended, as a binder) spinach peas
  4. great to make your own fish food. i do mine very similar to yours. this way you know exactly what is in your food! Can i ask, why the salt? I also add some natural colour enhancers such as spirulina powder and astaxanthin powder. Cheers
  5. ive kep SAE's for years with bn and never had a problem. I know they can be a pest to discus if they develope a taste for discus slime but luckily mine haven't. if they do they would be gone in a heart beat!
  6. Hmmmm they are in with some discus, SAE's, boesemani rainbows.... I have put in about 10 longfin bn that are happy and healthy and within a week or so their fins are all but gone. They hide and don't come out ever. I've kept and bred bn for years and never seen this happen. The only thing i can think of is the torpedo barbs although it appears that they do not touch anything else in the tank, and i have never actually seen them anywhere near the bn....
  7. Just wondering if anyone has known torpedo barbs to be fin nippers? I've got something nipping/eating the fins on my long fin bristle nose cats to the point where they are dying. Torpedo barbs are the only species in the tank that i have never kept with bn, so i figure it must be them. I have not seen them do it even once though and i have been keeping an eye on them so it's got me a little confused. This has been going on for months and is doing my head in. thganks matt
  8. good work, pump them with fresh hatched brine shrimp if you have the time, then onto powdered pellets/flake. Mine used to breed every few weeks if i let them... once they start they can produce hundreds of fry per spawn!
  9. 6x2x2 thanks for the kind words everyone
  10. i have bought some from them on ebay and it made it fine. haven't used it yet, just got it on hand if needed
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