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  1. Anyone selling peacock bass, Sunshine Coast.
  2. Male or female senegal? Got a price on it?
  3. Aquariums r Us Tanks

    Make sure you wear some gloves. They'll cut ya
  4. Pump's

    Laguna for me too. Had an aquael pfn which failed within 12 months. Wouldn't recommend. Heard great thing about tunze, Fluval pumps and of course the ecotech marine pumps.
  5. Datnoid

    I presume you mean ngt. Saw one for sale 4 years ago, was around 30cm, $1600.
  6. Aquarium Movers/Freight /Delivery

    Get a car trailer/ute and make the drive. Can't see him delivering to Bowen lol, to have a removalists do it will cost as much or more than the tank.
  7. Sump return pipes breaking siphon

    Why so complicated mate. Just screw a screen to the bulkhead.
  8. Sump return pipes breaking siphon

    Post a pic. I'm having trouble understanding what you mean.
  9. Nitragard if you can get your hands on it, excellent product. used to stick it but havnt had it for quite a while unfortunately
  10. Quality on the Sunshine Coasr

    Give it a miss and go to brissy.
  11. Red Belly Pacu

    Exactly mate. No one is saying they legal to import. They're just not declared noxious. It's right there on qld fisheries page. I'm sure at that size they came in as something else, someone mentioned silver dollar earlier didn't they.
  12. Red Belly Pacu

    Yes they are legal.
  13. Red Belly Pacu

    Red belly pacu are completely legal in qld. Piranahs, pacu, (fish of the sub-family serrasalminae) other than piaractus brachypomus which is a red belly pacu. A few others are also allowed.
  14. New salty tank

    Have you tried nitragard? That stuff is amazing.
  15. NEW FX6 Version 2- IN STORE NOW!!!!!!

    6L bio media volume, same as the fx5 and v1 fx6. Shame, they have real potential.