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  1. Bump, price drop. $400 for both.
  2. Starting a new marine tank

    Going to make my own water up, that’s the plan
  3. As the ad states, 20cm plus green terror wanted. Pm if you know or have one you’d like to sell. Cheers
  4. Hi all, I’m looking at starting a marine tank, fish only for now. It is a 4x3x2.5 with a 4x1.5x1.5 sump. What is the best way to get it started. How do you cycle a marine tank? Same as fresh?
  5. Wanted NEXUS. 210,220,310

    Thanks mate. I’ll get in touch with him. Cheers
  6. Hi mate, really interested in your motoro x.....I would like to view ur ray tomorrow if possible 5-11-17, I’m close by at Yandina crk, gis a shout on 0468911101..... cheers Garry 

  7. 25cm Senegal, to me looks female. Fed on hikari pellet. Very active and a nice natured fish. Regretful sale. $325, pick up yandina, Sunshine Coast.
  8. I’m selling a 6x2.5x2.5 mate if you’re interested. Sunny coast.
  9. Healthy red fin flaggy for sale, 30cm, eats anything. $70, yandina pick up
  10. 2 peacock bass (monos) 15cm. Unsure on sex of them. Fed on pellets. $80 for the 2. Pick up, yandina. poor photo but it’s all I’ve got.
  11. 20cm 50/50 ray, very healthy, 20cm across disc, Hikari pellet fed, Parents are stunning, male. $550 pick up, yandina
  12. Chasing a nexus, any size really. Must be in good condition. Cheers
  13. My pond build

    What did you use to seal around your piping that runs through the block work?
  14. Selling a male 50/50 motoro-Leo ray. 20cm disc, very healthy, fed Hikari carni. Located on the Sunshine Coast. $550
  15. Hi all, I have 2 pim ornatus for sale. Approx 15-20cm. Fed on Hikari carnivore. Looking to sell. $400 for the 2. Sunshine Coast location. Pic is a few months old. Cheers