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  1. Hi mate, the brand is hopar.
  2. I've got one for sale, check down a few ads. 6ft led
  3. As new 6ft 180cm rgbw led light. Fully controllable. Puts out big light, as new. Pick up Yandina, $140
  4. Irrigation warehouse online. Cheapest I found.
  5. I've got 2 4ft led's mate. I'm on the sunny coast. Pm me if interested
  6. Price drop...$60
  7. +1 for dennison at maryannes, great guy and top notch work.
  8. Laguna for me too. Had an aquael pfn which failed within 12 months. Wouldn't recommend. Heard great thing about tunze, Fluval pumps and of course the ecotech marine pumps.
  9. Solid healthy flag tail. Eats anything. Friendly fish. Located at Yandina, Sunshine Coast. Pick up. $80
  10. I presume you mean ngt. Saw one for sale 4 years ago, was around 30cm, $1600.
  11. Get a car trailer/ute and make the drive. Can't see him delivering to Bowen lol, to have a removalists do it will cost as much or more than the tank.
  12. Why so complicated mate. Just screw a screen to the bulkhead.
  13. Post a pic. I'm having trouble understanding what you mean.
  14. Mad sized tank.