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  1. Thanks mate. Appreciate it.
  2. Long shot but does anyone happen to be selling a schego heater and controller? Pay decent money. Thought I'd sake here before I purchase a new one. cheers
  3. Locline can but it from eBay
  4. Get what you pay for unfortunately. Wouldn't trust it
  5. Yandina mate, have moved. Pm me if you are interested.
  6. Bumping, still lookingg
  7. I've still got 1 of each left if you are interested. Do both for $10
  8. I have one of each left, they're a bit over 15cm. You can take them both for $10 if you want mate.
  9. Selling a 6x2.5x2.5, drilled with bulkheads fitted on a brand new black steel stand with black melamine base, Laguna 7600, 100+ Bakki rods, 25kg of brand new ceramic rings and a brand new 4x2 sheet of grey matala. $750 for the lot. Pick up Yandina, sunny coast. Sump not included
  10. Sold, thanks
  11. Yeah it is, I just don't have the time to waste which is why I've made them so cheap.
  12. Selling 3 bocourti and 3 pearsei, 13-15cm, bought a bunch and I've chosen my favs of each. selling cheap. All 6 for $30. Healthy as. Pick up Yandina, sunny coast. Cheers.
  13. What's AI ? Thanks for the heads up
  14. Nitragard if you can get your hands on it, excellent product. used to stick it but havnt had it for quite a while unfortunately