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  1. No, it’s super clean. No rinse at all.
  2. The pool filter sand I use is super white, a little courses than play sand so it won’t trap and gases from breaking down flood, being courses the parties are heavier so you don’t end up with it in your filter. Great stuff
  3. The big difference is the schegos actually go it. Not just claim it. I’d like to see a cheapy maintain my tanks at 28 degrees in our house like the schegos do.
  4. They tend to fight between their own kind, also can get a bit pushy with other similar looking fish, silver dollars etc. have been known to eat slime coat off rays Bichirs etc. should be sweet as with small fish. They literally eat anything too
  5. Worth it though man, seem to be heating a lot less often to maintain temps. Compared to the old glass tubes. A 300w will do 1000L no problems, bullet proof and last forever. the nema controller is absolutely spot on also. Even the old original original controllers are awesome. It’s a cheap investment when you weigh up how much your fish are worth
  6. Schego, 1watt per 3L. Expensive but they’re the best out there. Techden sell them.
  7. Going to make my own water up, that’s the plan
  8. Hi all, I’m looking at starting a marine tank, fish only for now. It is a 4x3x2.5 with a 4x1.5x1.5 sump. What is the best way to get it started. How do you cycle a marine tank? Same as fresh?
  9. What did you use to seal around your piping that runs through the block work?
  10. Yeah mate looking at a brand new 200, just wondering if 10k is enough for a 12k pond, it says it is rated for an 18k water volume. Have always aimed for 5-6 times turn over. Would it be sufficient as a stand alone unit.
  11. Looking at a nexus aqua eazy 200 for a 12000L pond build. It rates for a 18k system but with a flow rate of 10k per hour. Is it possible to run more flow through this size nexus or is it worth going for the next size, next size is a massive jump in $$. Sincerely...nexus noob.
  12. 6ft sump would suffice mate, I have a 6x2 sump on a 6x2.5 tank, the biggest you can run the better. . 10x turnover is a hell of a lot. I’d personally aim for 6x. Definitley agree with jp on the schego. A tank that size you wouldn’t run anything else.
  13. Exactly what I was looking for. About to venture on a similar build. Hats off to you mate. Awesome job.
  14. Load you existing Media into your new filters, should be no issues there.
  15. Make sure you wear some gloves. They'll cut ya
  16. Laguna for me too. Had an aquael pfn which failed within 12 months. Wouldn't recommend. Heard great thing about tunze, Fluval pumps and of course the ecotech marine pumps.
  17. I presume you mean ngt. Saw one for sale 4 years ago, was around 30cm, $1600.
  18. Get a car trailer/ute and make the drive. Can't see him delivering to Bowen lol, to have a removalists do it will cost as much or more than the tank.
  19. Why so complicated mate. Just screw a screen to the bulkhead.
  20. Post a pic. I'm having trouble understanding what you mean.
  21. Nitragard if you can get your hands on it, excellent product. used to stick it but havnt had it for quite a while unfortunately
  22. Exactly mate. No one is saying they legal to import. They're just not declared noxious. It's right there on qld fisheries page. I'm sure at that size they came in as something else, someone mentioned silver dollar earlier didn't they.
  23. Red belly pacu are completely legal in qld. Piranahs, pacu, (fish of the sub-family serrasalminae) other than piaractus brachypomus which is a red belly pacu. A few others are also allowed.
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