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  1. Hi i was wondering if anyone has any breeding pair of discus for sale? Only chasing 1pair of anything red eg leopard snake skin, red snake skin or red dragon anything similar. Please pm me or text me on 0468 797 761
  2. Hi i am new to shrimp keeping and just need advice on setting up a crs tank. Im experienced in keeping aquariums but new to shrimp. I remember being told that crs dont like warm water (above 25c). So my question is would it be possible to keep a crs tank in Qld weather without any problems? I plan to setup a nano planted tank. Would i need some type of chiller to keep the temps down in summer?
  3. Im am after a good quality male flowerhorn. Has to have a kok and under 15cm. Would perfer a thai silk but wouldnt mind a big kok red dragon. Sonny 0468 797 761
  4. so no water parameters because it is my mates take and he notice the angel just as he work leaving for work. So i dose with salt 1 TBspn per 20L, and took some photo So what do you experts think it might be? will get water parameters asap, maybe tomorrow
  5. i know there is no way i can be 100% sure that its a male. all the fry are from 1 spawn. all the fry are still translucent in colour except for that 1 with the black markings, and it happens to be 1 of the biggest. just have to wait til they get abit bigger
  6. So i got a batch of 1cm electric yellows, today i notice one of the bigger one has black dorsal and anal fin, just like a mature male yellow would have but not as solid. Is it safe to say that it could be a male?
  7. is this something i should be worried about. its been like that awhile, at least a couple of months when i first saw it i though it had been fighting with the biggest l397, which is 1cm-2cm bigger.
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  11. Hi sonny. Still got the iphone? is the phone locked to any service provider?

  12. ]if possible, try and put it in a big block of resin. then make it look like a fishtank. i reckon it would look sick, thats if it possible [ATTACH=CONFIG]40939[/ATTACH
  13. I know this post is off topic but wanted to use photo above. But i got a pepp that is about 3.5-4 cm, when i look closely at it, it has bristle like the bristlenose in the photo above. So my question is, do bristlenose normaly have bristles (like above photo) at 3.5-4cm?
  14. Cant wait for pics. If there is more than 2, isnt there a good chance you will get more from the adults that bred the white pepp. Or does it have nothing to do with genes
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