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  1. If any 1 has any for sale can u please contact me on 0468797761
  2. so no water parameters because it is my mates take and he notice the angel just as he work leaving for work. So i dose with salt 1 TBspn per 20L, and took some photo So what do you experts think it might be? will get water parameters asap, maybe tomorrow
  3. i know there is no way i can be 100% sure that its a male. all the fry are from 1 spawn. all the fry are still translucent in colour except for that 1 with the black markings, and it happens to be 1 of the biggest. just have to wait til they get abit bigger
  4. So i got a batch of 1cm electric yellows, today i notice one of the bigger one has black dorsal and anal fin, just like a mature male yellow would have but not as solid. Is it safe to say that it could be a male?
  5. is this something i should be worried about. its been like that awhile, at least a couple of months when i first saw it i though it had been fighting with the biggest l397, which is 1cm-2cm bigger.
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  9. ]if possible, try and put it in a big block of resin. then make it look like a fishtank. i reckon it would look sick, thats if it possible [ATTACH=CONFIG]40939[/ATTACH
  10. I know this post is off topic but wanted to use photo above. But i got a pepp that is about 3.5-4 cm, when i look closely at it, it has bristle like the bristlenose in the photo above. So my question is, do bristlenose normaly have bristles (like above photo) at 3.5-4cm?
  11. Cant wait for pics. If there is more than 2, isnt there a good chance you will get more from the adults that bred the white pepp. Or does it have nothing to do with genes
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  13. i am just wondering why my native shrimp (from mates pond) are getting white spot on them, looks like ich. i thought shrimps cant get ich. the spots are just behind the head. on top of the saddle area
  14. I dont know, I used metro on my flowerhorn when it had flagellates. metro works best if it is ingested.
  15. so just got some pep and l397 fry and was just wondering couple of things. i boiled the zucchini for couple of minute to make it abit softer. so how long can i leave the zucchini/ cucumber in the tank for? what other veg can i feed them? what about carrots?
  16. thanks for the info, i be coming down to pick up the test kits off you in the next day or so
  17. Ever since ive put the fish in, which has been a week and a half ive been doin 30% wc every 4 or 5 day (3 in total) the last 1 was yesterday. I forgot to mention that i notice 1 of the sick yellow has on accasions long white feces trailing it, dont know if it is normal for the fish when it hasnt been eating for a couple of days, sometimes there would be food in the white feces aswell when it has been eating. They all also sometimes do this thing where it looks like they are chewing on something and scratch they gills against something.
  18. So i got a 3 week old tank with 4 yellows in it atm. water ph is 7-7.5, ammonia 0. Dont have a nitrite/nitrate test kits atm but will get it soon, filtration is sponge filter (from another tank) and the temp is 28c. Got 5 electric yellows a week and a half after i setup the tank up, so on the 2/3 day i notice that 1 yellow didnt look normal, if fins were clamped, wasnt as active as the others and didnt eat. So after another 2 days 30% wc, treated the tank with salt and bumped up temp to 28c. Couple days later another yellow has the same symptoms and lost the 1st sick yellow after that. So its been just over a week and now it looks like i have 3 sick yellows and 1 healthy. The symptoms are clamped fins, not as active, colour has faded, look skinny with sunken stomachs and eat the smallest bit of food (hikari food sticks and bio gold pellets) every second day. I think that they are also breathing abit fast. I dont know if i put something in the tank as i got some shrimps (size of cherry red shrimps) and some floating plants from my mates pond. All the shrimps got eaten when i put the yellows in. If anyone has any suggestion please let me know as i dont know why they are sick.
  19. i remember when my flowerhorn had white poo (hex), didnt eat for 2 1/2 -3 months. For the last 3 weeks i was treating with metro and sea salt,water change every day and i left a guppy in there as a temptation. when the guppy was gone thats when i knew it recovered.
  20. most aquariums in qld would call that a royal degree. cant really see any red on him
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