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  1. Red leg programme. Pity about the brown
  2. A male blue dream neocaridina i displayed at the australian shrimp championships. Big thanks to kyrill harding for taking a photo this stud
  3. Believe it or not those are blacks under a flash....as lil jon would say.....HAH WHAT?!?!?
  4. Hey guys. i got a new mutation from my orange rilli programme. to be honest i kinda expected this to happen eventually. if the red rilli and carbon rilli could have a blue body i thought it was inevitable that any rilli programme would eventually have the same mutation. well here it is! it's finally happenned and even better. the specimen has a tiger stripe rilli pattern as well not the normal head and tail! a big thank you to ronald marcos who took these photos for me. can't wait to see it under jays lens!
  5. and so you should!!! i love that yellow mama! and not cause i'm asian
  6. Fire red project. and yes the second picture is a male an orange rilli mutation
  7. Hey mate only new this site.. Kev told me u might have some back crystals golden bees and bluebells wanting 4 of each either triple s or double???

  8. Faaaaarrrrk me! Forget the rest of the photos that cherry!!! Boom!
  9. one off mutations from carbon rilli ok enjoy the bombardment :/
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