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  1. would like to know price on a 3x2 stand only
  2. don dont have a shop in wynnum anymore, pretty sure he is now at margate? redcliffe area with his son, what sort of tattoos are they? jon from wild at heart in the city is hella dope! seventh circle tattoo has a fair few good artists also...383 studio, pommy paul on the coast or fabian de gaillande is also mint
  3. dont take temp to high as your corals will die off, a lot of people on here have found out there tanks die as they get above the 28 29 degree mark, fish metabolism speeds up in higher temps which means more waste oxygen levels deplete in higher temps which mean fish have to do more osmosis to get there air and there fresh water, this leads to larger amounts of fish waste which in turn means more nitrates and phosphates, so running tanks cooler means less waste in tank, which means better water conditions for fish and coral
  4. i got whitespot in my tank when i got my blue tang. i dont have a qt at the moment and have a few corals so i just let it ride out, didnt add any fish or coral for around 9 weeks, havent seen it since touch wood, been told if you have a qt tank to leave your display tank fishless for 6 weeks
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  6. Yeah Russ is a massive champ! Helped out massively when my fx5 died
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  8. i waited for my tank to cycle for 4 weeks, with cured rock, live sand and sump with dsb/macro etc, dont rush things
  9. Picked up a few more fish from a tank shut down, mandarin fish, flame angel, sand sifting goby and a scopas tang! Picking up a rodi unit on sat and a uv sterilizer
  10. Thanks Louise, tank has been good, will be upgrading to a bigger tank soon
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