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  1. Thats a very nice looking tank but its quite a big tank for a small amount of fish.
  2. Sorry i just assumed this was a fresh water. Stupid me. Its in the salt section. With that all in one u just bought, Id probably put a small internal filter inside the tank to give it that little extra bit of filtration and water flow from the powerhead. All those all in one tanks seem to lack filter capacity. Chiller is no necessary unless you are going corals or annenames. Fans and water bottles are usualy sufficient at cooling the tank below 27degrees Also its nearly winter so u can probably put off having a chiller till spring.
  3. Sorry. Dont do anything in my post then.
  4. Havent had them before but if they are anything like mainganos then they should be fine with the heap of juvis. Id put them in there. Move the tank around and there aggression should be gone. You might get an alfa male try to take control of the whole tank but i doubt it. Thats based on my maingano keeping. these guys may be totaly different.
  5. Hey guys, Just picked up my new goby. Bought him as a ERETMODUS CYANOSTICTUS "KAPAMPA" but hes accualy a Spathodus erythrodon burundi. pics: Does anyone eles have any gobys other than humpheads? these fish are really funny to watch. So far he keeps to himself but had a massive fight with my mpanga and one. He now owns all the back rocks in my tank.
  6. They are fairly expensive from memory. looked into it when i wanted a salt tank. U can pick up a fully contained nice tank for about 300$ plus $100 canister and $40 heat. and maybe $30 air and air pump. So if u can pick 1 up for less than $470 or less then yes go for it.
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  9. Well if u use bubble filters u could power 2-3 very large air pumps with a generator. Dont think that will cut it with heating tho. Try insulating the room and then use a small oil heater in the middle. That could work. Dont no how long u can run generators without needing to fill them up.
  10. if they are heads and tails (even just) then i dont tumble. They move around just enough on there own. Out of 30-50 fry i might loose 2-3 but they could be other reasons. I just use a fry saver.
  11. It is but it depends on the fish and how far away the fish is. Alot of fish shops around here get fish from melbourne and aboard but trust me, its cheaper to get ur local fish shop to order something in for u. If your willing to pick them up when they come in then they will give u a better price than any website.
  12. Haha $1000 for maine fish. Spectrum isnt a bad price but whack $17 on top of it makes it not cheap.
  13. Found this site on the net. Dont no if it will help anyone http://carazy.net/mpegs/NatGeoParts/ vcd or somthing or other.
  14. nice except: Warning: We do not deliver living organisms where transit time is longer than 1 day Postage for 4000 Transit Days: 2 day(s) Price: $17.00 per parcel And the filters and stuff arent that cheap.
  15. Haha that was gold. If you put the same amount of effort into explaining your intentions in your post as you do changing the colour and the size then we might be able to inform you. If your asking how much live rock is around here in the ocean then the answer is, not much and its illegal to take it unless ur a diver. If your asking how much live rock is here in marine shops, then ur answer is heeps. Most of it comes from fiji and thailand from memory. Prices start at about 10$ a kg for uncured rock to about 18-20$ a kg for the good shit.
  16. I read that ALL cichlid tanks should have some form of background as it makes the fish feel safer even if its just a painted tank or some urethane backing. Altho a picture background is about the cheapest and easiest solution.
  17. Well heres my pride and joy, Fish arent all full size but i think they are at the point when they look the best. Photos: Video: 8mb DIVX http://www.stage6.com/user/ashman01/vid ... 00/My-Tank Or 3mb .FLV
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  19. agree'd. Males go nuts around females but are perfect tank mates for most fish on there own.
  20. hmmm females dont usualy do it. are u sure its a female. Also its funny i have a 3cm mpanga that shimmers and he looks like a little vibrator when he does it.
  21. The female looks like a hongi x zeb and male looks like a zebra. no idea what kind.
  22. Im pretty sure tab and mooch are breeding them. You should hit them up via pm and they probably can help u. Assie pretty much nailed it. Also i would add, try and keep them by them selves (only lombardi in a tank) as the males get pretty nasty to other fish when hes breeding. Wouldnt want anything eles dying.
  23. Mine started breading at that size. I have about 15 or so and only 1 female is breading atm. I think males mature faster than females putting more stress on the females. Shouldnt be too long for u.
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