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  1. Soft filtration so you don't affect the eggs, plenty of java moss for them to lay their eggs in and let them go from there. I fed them sinking african pellets and sometimes zuccini.
  2. As far as I can see no bristles up the nose, and the front bristles are short. I can try and get some better photos up. Thanks to those who have given their opinions Trent
  3. Thank you to all ho have helped went to LFS today and they backed what everyone on here had stated, continuing fast until tomorrow morning will let everyone know how it goes
  4. Have two peppermints both would be 8 - 10 cm in length, have had them for quite some time now, approx 2 and a half years, grew them up from fry I bought when I first got into fish. Anyways, I thought I had a pair when one developed bristles, but now I am thinking I might have two females?? Can someone help me determine the sex of these fish. Pic one is the one I thought was going to be the male but is now making me think female, it is the bigger of the two fish. Thanks Trent
  5. I have had them for about 8 months now I'd say I have changed from sera flakes to small sera pellets. I will try get some photos up later of the tank and their condition Thanks to those who have helped me so far
  6. I have taken some tests this morning, ph is 7.6, ammonia level 0ppm, nitrite 0ppm and Nitrates .25ppm, the fish are roughly 5 - 7 cm, the tropheus are still eating and I am continuing to feed them. The tank temperature is 26 degrees. I have a canister filter running and have air bubbles generated from an air pump. I will try to get a photo up later.
  7. Hi all, I have to frontosas that have not eaten for 4 days now. I recently completed a 50% water change to catch up for the last two I had missed. I usually only do a 15 - 20% water change a week. I have a 3ft tank that houses two frontosas 5-7cm and 11 firecracker tropheus 5-8cm. When I completed my water change I shuffled my tank around a fair bit. I have read that the frontosas may not be eating because they are unsure of the new environment and spooked. I feed my fish a compilation of sera pellets and a pea and prawn frozen mix. The frontosas have not been eating at all and if they touch any food they spit it back out. Two solutions I think I need to put into place is more caves in my tank and the other solution is putting a blanket over the tank so the fish can settle again. I'm a little bit worried about the situation and would love some advice or any other comments. Thanks in advance Trent
  8. I believe that the males turn a black colour when they are ready to breeed. how big is it ?
  9. yer i tried something like that, but yer.... think i mite just sell it all and get back into it when i get home (unfortunately)
  10. to everyone out there that has the opportunity to go on holidays, what do you do with your fish? I have africans that eat alot, and i wont b home for 3 weeks, i have seen those fish feeder things, but what does everyone else usually do? Sell up? Trent
  11. The corals dead lol, would be a different story if it was alive... oh well, shiz happens i suppose.
  12. Hey guys was at the beach today and sound an awesome piece of coral, its got holes in it as well, looks mint, was wondering what i need to do before i put it in my tank... I was thinking soaking in hot water and letting it sit for a while, any help would be appreciated !!!! Trent
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