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  1. Thanks so much for that. I'd actually seen a photo of A. frenatus in one of my books on local fish, but it couldn't find anything about it pairing with shrimp so I dismissed it as being that. If I were to catch an unpaired fish, what are the chances of it pairing with an unpaired shrimp of the same species mine is paired with?
  2. Any idea on what this guy is? He's a local and I have his symbiotic shrimp with him but haven't been able to get a picture. They're still very shy. shrimp goby 4 by matty9557, on Flickr Shrimp goby 3 by matty9557, on Flickr Shrimp goby 2 by matty9557, on Flickr Shrimp goby 1 by matty9557, on Flickr
  3. That would be fantastic if you could order me one in. Or alternatively, do you have a similar sized yi ding tank?
  4. I can't find it in your site, but do you have the mini L, or are you able to source them?
  5. I'll send him a pm sometime, thanks. Does it grow very fast for you? What do the Zoas look like that are closed up? Also, I was meaning to write Halymenia, not halimeda. Did you get that from him as well?
  6. That tank is beautiful. Very sleek and clean. Where did you get the halimeda? I'm looking for a little bit for my pico.
  7. All 4 of my clowns have been using the nem! However it looks like the larger snowflake and akyindos are pairing up and chasing the other two clowns away. Is that pairing possible? Do you know if there's anyway the haddoni can be maintained at a small size or at least keep it growing fairly slowly?
  8. Yeah I collected them myself, there were thousands in the lagoon. They're very interesting creatures, I have been wanting them ever since I saw them at Underwater World when I was a child. Do you know how large they have to be to breed? I am hoping to propagate them. I've added some dead mangrove leaves as I read that the planula like to settle on the underside of fallen mangrove leaves.
  9. I've had this little tank sitting on my desk cycled for a while now while I figured out what to do with it. I've made up my mind and I have turned into a lagoon tank that is housing some Cassiopea xamachana. Since I took these photos I have replaced the filter with an Aquaone clear view 100 and I have added some mangrove leaves as my research has led me to find that the jellyfish larva like to settle onto the underside of fallen mangrove leaves. I wasn't planning on having any coral but I wanted to remove some clutter from my reef so I added a few in. Hopefully they do well in the very low flow that they are in.
  10. The clowns should be fine shouldn't they? The only fish in here are four clowns (soon to be two).
  11. How much do you sell them for [MENTION=5480]midjim[/MENTION]? That's great we have more designer clowns becoming available! My father surprised me today, thought he had gotten me a mini maxi. It's actually a tiny haddoni. I'm going to need a (much) bigger tank.
  12. Oh cool! Do you have any pictures? And do you sell any of your offspring?
  13. Thanks, they didn't go near it yesterday, but they're up against it again now, occasionly rubbing against it.
  14. Any idea for my particular case (occelaris and elegance)? They haven't been around the elegance today I hope they go back to it soon. If they don't, they sure would look nice in my hammers, I have purple and green so far with an orange coming sometime soon!
  15. Oh sorry, I meant how long does it take them to build up a resistance to their host? We've had a fair few clowns over the years of a few different species, very used to their idiosyncrasies
  16. It's open for the entire photoperiod however it closes up a lot at night How long does it usually take them to move into a host?
  17. Thanks, what other designer clowns have been bred here previously? The larger of the two clowns has been rubbing against the elegance, hopefully they are hosted by it.
  18. I find it pretty easy to tell the difference between the two, the Picasso clowns have much smoother lines is how I would explain it I guess. The edges of the snowflakes bars are more uneven and splotchy. The occelaris that can look like Picasso clowns are the DaVinci and fancy white clowns.
  19. Thanks guys Yep, the mother was imported and the father was a Darwin Occelaris.
  20. This one is the closet to their real colouring, but it's blurry.
  21. I got a pair of snowflakes from Peter at Photon Flakes Clownfish, unfortunately they jumped out overnight through a crack in the lid. Upon hearing this, Peter offered to replace them when I have a new tank set up that is more secure. He has an amazing set up and he's a great guy. These are the first designer clowns bred in Australia. I got my new pair last night and they are beautiful. They have settled in very nicely and have coloured up well. These photos don't do them justice but it's the best I could get, they move so quickly!
  22. Thank you very much for that! I'll watch the video a few more times, looks like something I could manage to do. Much appreciated!
  23. I think that is a bubble coral (Plerogyra?) and not a frog spawn, it doesn't look like any Euphylia I have ever seen.
  24. The one in the second picture doesn't look like a true aquatic plant.
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