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    Have been in fish for about 45 years also hold a aquaculture liecence,for many natives & oramental fish also for reptitles ,and iam stilll learnig ;have my own artesian spring also licenced
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    aquaculture,repiles,birds,art,building tanks and furniture,fishing,camping,
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    Was home renovator

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  1. glad it went well for you cheers
  2. yep will have heaps about mid week 60cents each ring first 0412920294 Wolfgang

  3. Hi, Had heard you may have some small uncoloured goldfish for sale, was looking for about 20 or so aroind the 3cm mark.

    thanks Denis

  4. Could I have 10 Salmon red rainbows and 10 of the black edge rainbows instead. Pickup Wednesday. Thanks Lorinda.

  5. neons are out of stock at thr moment normaly $6each red are $4.50 black edge rainbows $2.50 if you wait till next week will chex the wholesalers should have them back in stock cheers Wolfgang

  6. Hi Wolfgang,

    As just discussed on the phone. I'm after 10 blue neon rainbows and 10 salmon red rainbows and also 5 of the local rainbows with black fins. Will be able to pick up on Wednesday afternoon. Could you please send me a quote.



  7. drop in and i'l give you a cuting so you can grow you own i have the large leave white & the normal black just pm me very easy to grow
  8. thanks guys did not wana overspent
  9. Happppy Birthday

  10. can any body give a $value on say 5cm L168 pleco ( clown ) cheers thanks in addvance
  11. actually iam a fish-nut goht about 200tanks around 60 ponds smalest holds 2000lt. and ben in fish only 45 years but thanks iam still learning arn't we all
  12. No just goht buck-teeth have to geht clearer photo he looks kinda cute gona name him bugsy very fiendly comes up for a pat & tickel and realy gehts on great with all the ohters
  13. Any-body know of a Dental fish doc. i think my felow neads Braces ? cheers in addvance
  14. And an extra BIG thanks to a magic member cheers also thank you Vicki for the tank
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