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  1. Hey guys, Getting back into this awesome hobby and I have always been on the look out for these beautiful little Mbuna..I noticed them pop up about 2yrs back and down near Shellharbour/Sthrn NSW so have been hoping they are out and about still...it was a nice sized little colony for sale but just couldn't get to them (way too far from me and no shipping!..arggh noooo!!)..but haven't seen or heard of this variety since.. If anyone has these guys or knows of anyone who might then please let me know (any assistance here is greatly appreciated). Also Afra Hara is another one I'm chasing (I know there's some of these guys around so hopefully a little bit easier to locate but yes any help here is also greatly appreciated!) Photos shown for reference 
  2. Has anyone seen these great fish around recently? And if macrostoma are ever found out there..let me know asap! A whole bunch of Nigriventer fry were getting around about 5 years back but seems to be a very hard fish to find now?? I'd be keen to find some again.. Photo included for reference (Ty.nigriventer)
  3. 4Ft Tank +Sump. Is this sold yet? I would like to know condition of glass & silicon, leak tested?

    also any missing parts with the piping for the sump?

    1. goldenswimmers


      The tank/sump combo is currently on hold pending pick up tomorrow(8/10/16) morning.

    2. samfriday


      OK If it falls through call me on 0435039020.


    3. Akillies


      Is this sold?

  4. Have been lured back here again and I'm liking the nice clean look guys great job... A lots changed in my world of fish admiration and I almost got out of it completely but couldn't quite let go of the latest curiosity grabbers...the little saltwater guys.. Had to keep something to keep me learning from and admiring mother natures work I'm pretty much all out of freshwater guys nowadays but have got me a few pairs of different marine guys to keep me going.. But yep must confess I still find it hard to not look at freshwater fish and feel like "just 1 more tank" so who knows maybe this bug just keeps coming back...like aqua herpes lol So current collection includes keeping 3 different pairs of Clownfish(black & white Ocellaris,Percula & Tomato) and a pair of Coral Beauty Angels and hope to add a couple more pairs of the Centropyges and yep maybe even look into some Banggai's &...more...&....dumb bloody hobby haha the more you think about it...the more it lures you in Anyways looking forward to talking fish and hope everyone on here is having fun/enjoying the hobby
  5. good to see you again matematmate and yeah kind of hard to avoid this place...Ive just found myself back here recently lurking again.... it does look nice and clean but how do you like posts?...and get into that off topic area?...I wanted to share how much I don't like the Cronulla sharks...
  6. nice work Doug and Mat...when you can't get wild caught fish you have to do your best with the genetics available and selectively breed/cull to enhance characteristics..I don't think any reputable fishkeeper would work from a hybrid base to get a "true" representation of a species...but there is always the unknown heritage factor out there
  7. Great stuff and is that the same pr of clowns(tomato?cinnamon?)
  8. Yep certainly can Ant but will have to bear in mind relationships and sizing as fiery personalities and naturally predatory haps will factor into it. .I'm putting a big vote in for a Victorian tank...poor guys come from a lake that's getting destroyed and not many people get to see or learn about some of the great varieties of fish from this lake.. it would make your tank far more unique than the Malawi/Tanganyika crowd....for a source I'd go to Mr Parkes in Sydney he should be able to steer you towards rare and beautiful Victorian cichlids..but most importantly keep what YOU like its going to be more fun that's guaranteed...I also have a soft spot for all the other fish(on the planet it seems!)anyways so hey if you do it right it will be good either way!!..
  9. Awesome fish James Yep the Resha are stunning but those Tembwe are looking pretty sexy too mate...
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