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  1. Don't give up mate because you might be able to isolate the genetics and cull "back" to a non xanthic line hence why I mentioned the fry "look" could assist..as mentioned my fry were golden as in all over(!) which looked pretty unusual(wish I could find my other old thread on here where I was selling the juvies to show you examples but should be able to find the pics mate so will add them when I do)...I have seen examples of adults that looked a lot less "gold" than even my adults with other people especially interstate so might be worth considering..they had a lot more white on the underbelly and less of a gold look..looking more light yellow..the blue fin edging was apparent in both...I do think the xanthic genetics has almost reshaped this fish in a way and it's a weird little breeding experiment in its own right.. to breed using a recessive gene as a "common" gene in the gene pool and why the majority of these guys here might now be quite different to the original make up of this fish...as with any animal when you start to breed focusing on the recessive genes you will throw colour morphs and break up what's to be normally expected in your offspring...it may take quite a bit of work though(!) (why I was hoping you might be able see if there is some sign at fry/juvenile stage) as you would have to grow out to adult stage for the xanthic trait to show and then hold those that don't show the trait... eventually hoping to minimise further and further with each generation...sounds like a long process..even your new current stock and if they hold different genetics it may be worth breeding these guys and culling back to the desired true form..you can breed deformities out but how long and how many generations that requires is the mystery Weird situation here in Australia and we may find we end up having to do this with a few varieties of fish if the genetics get bad...heavy culling of fry to breed "back" to a good version of the fish...fingers crossed deformed genes don't get too strong with our fish we are allowed and why interstate batches of fish are good to add to the mix I believe..I think the Ellioti is an example along the same lines...some may disagree and say the back deformity with this fish is due to cooler/warmer weather but I disagree and believe it is the initial broodstock introduced to Australia that has caused this issue...If you let the deformity be bred into the fish it shows again...if you aim at fish with the straightest backs it becomes recessive again (still throwing a small few in a generation) and I have found this from breeding experience with temperature not factoring into this at all..we just have limited gene pools with a few of our fish and I believe it's due to the genetic make up of the initial broodstock as opposed to an environmental factor here as well..in most cases strong genetics eventually take over (when the gene pool is diverse or can be added to) but when the initial small group you start with features a deformity or recessive trait it will impact the offspring to a much greater degree and be a lot stronger in the make up of the fish. It is a pain to be stuck having to rely on good breeding practices as opposed to mother nature because we don't have access to true wild fish to replenish the gene pool but I guess if we want to keep what ever variety in this hobby we have this might be our only option (heavy culling with all fish to keep them true which breeders should really be doing anyways we just have to cull more than standard ) Sorry for the essay mate but will also keep an eye out for you if I can come across other sources of these guys as I'd like a nice pair in the future sometime too I think
  2. Sorry Ginger (how you doing by the way) as this is not the msg you were hoping but if you have any of these guys available anytime please let me know (and similis too if you still have these guys going!!!!) Cheers mate and I am on the look out for the Dario's so will let you know if I find someone with a few girls available Good luck
  3. Very interested in this thread and how you are going on your hunt mate (I saw a bunch listed for a store in SA..and they also have some nice little gems turn up from time to time and WA is also another good location to see what's hiding amongst the cool fish over that way)..I managed to breed a whole bunch of these about 8 or so years back and my girl was xanthic but the little guys all turned out super strong no duds etc but naturally id say a few turned xanthic later in life..not sure if this led to marcusandsherells group as I remember dealing with them back in the day...it's funny because overseas they love the xanthic genetics because it's so recessive and rare and yet here with our limited gene pool (evidence in how much the xanthic gene is almost 'common' in a few blood lines now) it's undesired...really does show how little we have had new blood injected into our fish...I believe this all came about because the original group that led to the xanthic factor was a small group of 6 or 7 fish imported way back and one had the gene..like I said shows how much we lack in the way of diverse genetics with our fish!...they are a beautiful fish and might be something to look out for but I noticed all my fry were golden...just saying this could be a sign of xanthic genetics being present (now that it's almost part of the regular DNA with a bunch of these guys)..I was just thinking with the nice white you get on the underside you might find babies with no xanthic genetics could be differently marked as juveniles...just an idea and from my own experiences...would be good to stabilise a blood line that doesn't have the xanthic factor and then keep it true and seperate to the xanthic ones getting about (as it sounds like you are trying to do so good stuff!)...the name of the store in SA with them is Amazing Amazon or something along those lines..but could be worth looking into further if interested..
  4. Hey Mick..that's a sample pic mate so a really good example but in saying that my dominant boy is totally yellow and a bit of a stunner...just doesn't like posing for pics..really like how big these guys get too compared to standard mbuna .will see if I can grab some pics and chuck them in here....are the Star Sapphires more liable to get Malawi bloat as i've lost 2 youngsters now (growing up a batch of 10) and they are in with other hap youngsters with no issue but yeah only the Sapphires and seem to have gotten the bloat
  5. Wondering how these two would do together and I dont think it would be a drama plus could end up looking pretty sexy in there So some Placidochromis Phenochilus Tanzania (the Star Sapphire Cichlids) with some Pseudotropheus Williamsi North Makonde(the Blue Lips.. & that's a little easier to say )... I think you can see the potential for this to look pretty nice as a big display and have also thought this could be a good combo as they both love to sift sand and a quality that makes these guys very happy...(my big Blue Lips boy loves nothing more than cruising around all day sifting.. looking for snacks! ) Thoughts guys and things to be wary of(?)..I've actually only recently added some of the Star Sapphires and never kept these guys before but hoping they would do well in this type of set up... At full adult size I'm thinking this could look really nice
  6. Yep am able to get some swimming essentials sent up from Sydney but as you said Ginger it's the lack of flights that is holding people back from shipping...not fair on the fish(and the wallet)if they are sitting around waiting for a flight that isn't guaranteed ...also heard in some states it's only account holders with guaranteed flights who can ship so not everyone is allowed..
  7. May not be a hybrid after all....have been able to contact the original owner(of the fry) and this is a Metriaclima Pyrsonotus (variety of red top black bar )
  8. Big thanks to a veteran in the game for his help/knowledge here so fingers crossed for some hot underwater action in the very near future
  9. Hey guys, Some might disagree but I think it's not a drama (if it's not a group of strangers joining up to do it) but what's situation with shipping fish currently?.. And would anyone be aware of different state regulations currently in place?..
  10. I reckon it makes you focus on your home life which is good for the hobby (time seems to be something that the modern world was sucking up more and more) but it is definitely/obviously impacting the retail and social side of the hobby ...also the airlines closing down has been bad for spreading the aqua goodies around and this is impacting interstate retailers who would usually make a good chunk of their coin shipping around Australia
  11. Who wants him (freebie for a display only tank )?...hes a feisty little show off but is very pretty
  12. Ha ha yes it pays to check every now and again ginger(hope you have been well too )
  13. Sad day mate but life leads us where we are meant to go Id be interested in some racks but i couldnt take the lot so might wait to see how you go 1st with selling the lot..
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