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  1. And these guys(Ray or Kev) have actual red bellied Savini John? I was thinking Smith's and Labyrinth for sourcing but will try these guys if you think it's a good lead for red bellied Salvini Not keen to see more washed out flavourless Salvini that's all
  2. Your man Andrew(lab.) would still be the best way with none being seen on the market in awhile...he sent me up a bunch about 3 yrs back and I grew up 4-5 young adults which should be lurking around in SE Qld somewhere in people's tanks...like many other rarer guys that everyday people have...just hard to find these types of more "casual" aquarium keepers ..i sold most of my group through gumtree so a "wanted" ad there may eventually turn some up (pretty sure you've already done this mate so just keep it active)...and I'd look for breeders/keepers pics on Aussie Facebook groups and contact for availability or possibility of future fry etc...good luck mate beautiful fish!
  3. Hey guys, I once had beautiful red bellied Salvini (both girls and boys had red belly's) courtesy of 1 G.Parker approx. 10yrs ago so there must be some good genetics ...lurking around.... somewhere !!!! Smith's also mentioned they might have a source for good red bellied Salvini...but I haven't seen any fish in regards. Anyone have any(?!) updates, sources or fish to help me relax
  4. Cant believe I missed this thread ..and I've been hunting some chocolates lately just remembering how beautiful they look as adults...a very underrated fish and these and a good pair of Jack Dempsey always win me over...very nice Festae too Foskett96...have to say I'm super jealous you have wild caught chocolates and as you mentioned with a location to boot......hate to say it but...it's like real hobby stuff ...still keen on some chocolates and Andrew had 2 chocolates available...they wouldnt be along the same lines in anyway?...would scoop them up pronto as I'm just making an order currently (only had 2 available and I'm aiming at a pair so haven't put them in the order)...PS can't praise his efforts enough and he will undersell himself to give you the legitimate fish...great great guy and asset in this hobby...we are so lucky for the few true hobbyists in stores that know what they are talking about and want to see this hobby in a great place and protect the limited strains we have...but great news for boosting future genetics and such a beautiful underrated fish Foskett96...as is the burden with many beautiful Americans which don't really show how spectacular they are until adults and average Joe's lack the patience and perseverance to see them reach this stage...ha ha so jealous but really really glad they are in your hands mate and all the best with these beautiful guys...
  5. To keep this short and sweet ... I have a nice group of young adult Eyebiters (group of 5) and they had a dither trio of Saulosi in with them ... (can you guess where this is heading ) so my female eyebiter gets a nice big mouthful (close to 40 so great job mum) but the dominant boy in the eyebiters just didn't seem to have his mojo happening....meanwhile the pain in the butt male Saulosi was always getting jiggy with it and so I think you can see who has most likely fertilised big mummas mouthful...you don't know for sure but the signs lead that way and I have since removed the Salousi..and that's also where the morbid curiousity begins...I really dig eyebiters so it makes it even harder to watch I mean feed the fry knowing in the back of your mind you are probably raising Saulosi x Eyebiter Bubba's.. The breeder in me knows two things...good chance one of my predators is eating hybrids soon....but also that a Saulosi crossed with an Eyebiter is interesting and thats where the morbid curiousity begins!...don't think I will be able to hold out long enough to find out but sucks we don't have that freedom and also that I had a Randy Saulosi and a much less interested Eyebiter boy... Eyebiters seem to do this regularly and I reckon it's the girls taking extra love more so than the boys because it seems male eyebiters are always a little high strung or uninterested ...that's my experiences anyways.... Anyone else had interesting experiences with similar "most likely" hybridisations?? I wouldn't risk a good stock of eyebiters genetics with our hobby the way it is... I've seen some Eyebiters getting around now that just don't seem right with their physiques and this is also bad news for the Strigatus variation that's lurking around as well.. definitely not adding wood to that fire...save the hobby breed true but damn you Saulosi Short n sweet huh
  6. You can definitely see the appetites drop off when the cooler weather kicks in but I try to run mine like I'm in the Amazon and aim for about 26... I'm happy if tanks are 22+ because I know every one has seen days like that but do find the warmer temps keep the youngsters energetic and growing well and keeps the vibe just right for the ones I want to get a little heated in other ways
  7. I second MFF looks like a peacock variety but has a funny look about it too (could just be my eyes )
  8. Hi I am absolutely no help but can share my experience anyway I grew up a nice group of these guys and the best I could figure was the dominant one was a boy...but seriously some people say they aren't too aggressive well this dude grew like a monster and tried to kill every single other member of the group plus they all flashed similar markings and colouration when showing moods so I think vent sexing might be the way to go and even as adults it appears the girls are just smaller which doesn't help much if growing up from a younger age (and your dominant wants to kill boys and girls)...sorry I could be more useful but I can recommend vent sexing for a possible confirmation good luck mate
  9. I think we need to use Facebook as a tool to bring them here and if they knew they could sell in peace here you might win more people than you think...I'm pretty keen to promote this place again as Facebook will not let you sell any livestock and there are some very ugly I mean wise mugs on this site The rule changes with Facebook always made me think this could be a great chance for forums to get back to how they were just before the Facebook scenario happened....forums really aren't hard to use and if you want to be a trickster have both pages (QLDAF and Facebook) open at the same time so you can discuss on both platforms and sell on the one where it is permitted..kind of makes sense to me.. I think it's just getting a new crowd into that frame of mind...there has been a few other apps that have taken off and where people have moved their selling but to be honest it seems to have split the crowd rather than been a movement and I think more people are still on Facebook "suggesting" they have fish to move along as their method of selling but it's risky and definitely not the way you want to discuss fish you are interested in or wish to sell....we just have to berley up the water...the sharks will come back
  10. Hey Mick..that's a sample pic mate so a really good example but in saying that my dominant boy is totally yellow and a bit of a stunner...just doesn't like posing for pics..really like how big these guys get too compared to standard mbuna .will see if I can grab some pics and chuck them in here....are the Star Sapphires more liable to get Malawi bloat as i've lost 2 youngsters now (growing up a batch of 10) and they are in with other hap youngsters with no issue but yeah only the Sapphires and seem to have gotten the bloat
  11. Wondering how these two would do together and I dont think it would be a drama plus could end up looking pretty sexy in there So some Placidochromis Phenochilus Tanzania (the Star Sapphire Cichlids) with some Pseudotropheus Williamsi North Makonde(the Blue Lips.. & that's a little easier to say )... I think you can see the potential for this to look pretty nice as a big display and have also thought this could be a good combo as they both love to sift sand and a quality that makes these guys very happy...(my big Blue Lips boy loves nothing more than cruising around all day sifting.. looking for snacks! ) Thoughts guys and things to be wary of(?)..I've actually only recently added some of the Star Sapphires and never kept these guys before but hoping they would do well in this type of set up... At full adult size I'm thinking this could look really nice
  12. Yep am able to get some swimming essentials sent up from Sydney but as you said Ginger it's the lack of flights that is holding people back from shipping...not fair on the fish(and the wallet)if they are sitting around waiting for a flight that isn't guaranteed ...also heard in some states it's only account holders with guaranteed flights who can ship so not everyone is allowed..
  13. May not be a hybrid after all....have been able to contact the original owner(of the fry) and this is a Metriaclima Pyrsonotus (variety of red top black bar )
  14. Hey guys, Some might disagree but I think it's not a drama (if it's not a group of strangers joining up to do it) but what's situation with shipping fish currently?.. And would anyone be aware of different state regulations currently in place?..
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