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  1. sorry, the change on the website has stuffed up my account.

    how far away are the little red bembas do u recon?

  2. i have a colony of 10 tropheus red bemba and i think one is holding now. it has a bulging out chin and sits in its own spot and keeps all the others away. this is my first mouthfull of tropheus but have had hongi, do the same rules apply, just strip after 15 days. i heard that you should strip the first mouthful because they wont breed again? should i put in a separte tank? has it bred? what do i do
  3. having mollies or guppies in your tank is a good idea especially for your black calvus. there babys will be great for conditining them. good luck
  4. very sorry, i had no idea you wernt alound. i will never do it again. i apologise.
  5. anybody, whats the highest protein food. started feeding them new life spertruim cichlid forumla. got a trio of hongi with them and after a month have had 3 mouthfulls from 2 females. and big mouthfuls of like 15-20 and there only small hongi.
  6. yeah, i will stick to my low protein foods. got tonnes of algea and will give them boiled spinach, Lebanese Cucumber, Zucchini, Peas and Lettuce. and some spirilina flake and brines shrimp every now and then does anybody know what is in cichlid dinner and if you can feed it to tropheus?
  7. can i feed them cichlid dinner? what is in cichlid dinner?
  8. yeh, i can't wait til i clean it. does it need to petrofy and go hard?
  9. i just went to the spit/ seaway and only people on the gold coast will no where that is and i got 2 big barnicle cluster which are absoluly covered in different types of crap. i was wanting to know to get them ready for my fish tank. i am letting them stay out side for a while because they smell terrible. then i will get i nife out and start cleaning them. does anybody have experients in cleaning these things? i heard i need to let them petrofy for like a yeah???
  10. all have heaps of shells and caves
  11. i have a colony of white calvus, trio of black calvus and a trio of gold comps but none of them are breeding. all are breeding age. all live in 3 ft tanks or larger. i feed them- frozen brines new life spectrium cichlid formula spirilina flake
  12. i know they eat plants, could i put a leaf of spinach for them.
  13. success, one of my black calvus females is now living in one of the egg shells and she chose it over an accual shell.
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