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  1. Thanks for the input guys, @Donny@ageofaquariums Why was it to hard with discus to much maintenance??? @pony-tail I was also thinking bows but would love just a nice school of Pseudomugil furcatus if I could get my hands on some
  2. Please don't shout me down but would a pair of discus in it be way to small. What other options does everyone think
  3. So I dropped into mappins the other day for a look and was quite surprised with the amount of awesome stock they had, every tank was stocked with some really nice fish. They had a heap of nice looking mangrove jacks, heaps of coal grunters, Harvey creek blue eyes, and other types of blue eyes, a massive school of salmon tail cats which was quite fun to watch, nice rainbows and the list goes on, honestly I've never seen it looking so good. By the way I don't work for or have any affiliation with them, they just had some nice fish in stock
  4. This is the thing that gets me about LED's is why the hell does every single one have to have blue in them, like how hard is it to make them without it and then sell it as 6500k but wait let's put some more BLUE in there, cause like, they all have to throw BLUE light don't they???? And the next thing is why do you have to pay so god dam much for them, they are cheap as **** to make, I don't want to give you my right nut, my left arm and my two legs, Oh and wait here's my house for it, like online stores charging 5k for a led light, u got to be kidding me. But wait it's got all this cool tech like sunrise and sunset how gives a ****, that doesn't justify 5k. Do u have any idea how cheap this **** is to make!!!!!!!!
  5. @rainbowrunner yep your right on closer inspection, I do like your vids please keep them coming it's always nice to see what your actually fishing on top of. Can you do one at Harry's artificial if your down that way one day
  6. There's a bloody grinner looking straight at the camera :mad2::mad2:
  7. Who ever holds these auctions up whether it be, auctioneer, seller or buyer they have to start giving out BJ's to all for the inconvenience and time wasted and then let's see how quickly things move along
  8. It's going to die in a tank that small and waiting to the end of the year to up grade tank size is to long
  9. Get rid of hybrids, get rid of people talking about hybrids, get rid of any hybrid posts, ban all hybrids, they are destroying what little fish we have and can get in Aust. Look I know there's alot of responsibility breeders on here and out there but there's more irresponsible uninformed fish keepers around. So ban all hybrids and start leading from the top people
  10. They look like quality led's, very nice tank bud!!!
  11. @watfish what light are you using on this tank, is it led or t5?
  12. I've visited Kakadu last year in June for a week and went to maguk It was amazing spent hours there swimming around with big sootys, massive archer fish heaps of grunter species, If you ever want to go to somewhere to get in touch with nature go to Kakadu I'm going back because a week wasn't enough time for me and I'm going to do Arnham land and Litchfield as well
  13. If anyone is interested, black pacu on gumtree for $250. Something you don't see every day
  14. I would take the chance mate, how about I come pick him up form you!!!
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