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  1. shame about the altums mate, just read threw whole post be sure to keep us updated
  2. I know this is no help to you, but I rang a ton of pool shops on the gold coast and no one seems to stock it anymore. there is far more efficient pool filter media used now. I did find some at 'pool doctor' in oxenford. it was hideously expensive at 30 a bag (20kg). I grabbed a couple as it was exactly the look I was chasing. best bet mate it to just ring all your local pool shops. its nearly a given the chain shops like swimart etc wont stock it
  3. Kurt, your inbox is full.

  4. chickadee, CHELS now has keiths colonies grandkids!!!!!!!!!
  5. Unfortunately I sold everything I had spent years sourcing and growing out I moved away and wish I kept at least one colony. I wish I kept my luecos and altifrons. As they seem to be getting harder and harder to find now days. Do a forum search for kieths colony, stunning fish!!! All the sales from that original colony were on here. Should be able to search it all back to bogan8r with some time and patience. They will be stunning! I would put in a river sand though as I found that coloured mine up nicely and it was fine enough to sift. Try a varied diet, and give them the odd skinned peas cut up as a treat, mine loved them! And interesting about the variants, it's a shame there arnt as many passionate geophagus keepers around anymore. Has chuong returned to geos??
  6. They are the grand kids from keiths original "tapajos" which were wild caught. So unless they were mis identified from south America they are tapajos. I can see what your saying with the body traits. Do some Research from years back I think he even had posts on here with the fish/tank setup. You have the grand kids of this colony chels. I know because I sourced these guys for that very reason for bogan8r and myself.
  7. From bris or Townsville? Cause I'm nearly certain that won't be from bris as I have priced to bring a lot of my stuff up here
  8. That is dear, but looking at your build thread he does very nice work! The website doesn't seem to work but I'll be sure to ring him when the time comes! The trip from Townsville to isa is a bumpy one
  9. Perfect thanks heaps mate!
  10. Upon more research I see argys are being sold by mattzilla.
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