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  1. Hey there. Could you give me a price on the A.Lawanda and A. Ngara colonies please, including male to female ratio, size and approx age. That would be great thanks. Location would probably be good as well

  2. where abouts ya from mate

    seen u were interested in the tanz's

    if u get them i will buy 1 of ya?

  3. this is a great auction, with a good variety, there hamburgers, sausage n bread, roast rolls cold drinks, and tea, coffee. there be plenty of help at the auction so if u want to sell fish dont stress. there is a cichlid club meeting tonight at the same hall so if u want to call in tonight we can answer any question 8 oclock at the bar jar hall clayfield. cheers
  4. Ha Graig. iam at tincan bay and would welcome a visit. Cheers Brett
  5. Ha Craigo, the meeting are a great place to meet people that have the hands on experience, and is a good way to find fish that are hard to come accross in shops and the like. we are planing a trip to sydney for there auction and a shop crawl as well. so if you go to the auction on saturday come and introduce yourself. i will be in our club shirt and my name will be on it. Cheers Brett.
  6. Hey Brett trying to find your phone number was gonna let you know if you wanted those naevochromis I am selling them.

    Cheers Brad

  7. hay how r ya.its mick from the auction.talk soon

    thanks mick

  8. Meeting Topics Geoff from Aqacenta will be talking on the subject of Water quality and the best use of UV and Ozone sterilisers. Geoff has been keeping many types of fish for many years and has a wealth of knowledge on the topic. So if you have questions about improving water quality this is the man to talk too. Our second programme will be Spawnings, Losses and Acquisitions. This has always been good for lively discussion and if you have had any problems let us know and maybe we can help sort them out for you. (only fish problems please!)" Fish of the month will be Pseudotropheus acei. Plus general club business
  9. Sounds like a good idea Baz.Thanks for the reply cleobhp, Yes lloyd will have a lot of work in the shop but many hands make lite work.And with all the new committee members there is a fresh vibe in the club. So please keep the suggestions coming
  10. Ha Baz your spot on with the shop, food would be a good start, some drygoods have been mention as well as a group buy on some new imported fish. the shop may have to be run by multiple people if it takes of, only time will tell. we also had the idea of putting some dvds in to the library
  11. Ha Efc.The library is still available to club members, but the taking home of book has been stoped untill a better lending index is created. a few people have taken books and not returned them. the club has a lot of new blood at the moment with a lot of new ideas, so it would be good to see you again one meeting. Cheers Brett
  12. A lot off people looking not many voting, any feedback welcome,please help make the club more appealing. Cheers
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  14. Just a reminder about the meeting on Friday 4 March. Starts at 8.00pm Location - Bar Jai Hall, 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield. New facebook page for QGC https://www.facebook.com/pages/Qld-Cichlid-Group-QCG/201848673159828?ref=ts
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