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  1. ahh okay, thanks Donny. yes ive been adding quickstart / stabality for the past few weeks again. initually seeded the tank using stabality, and got it cycled in 3 weeks almost to the day
  2. That makes sence actually .. I've moved the rams into my discus tank and will see how their tank they were in goes
  3. the ph will definetly be befow 7, the RO from my filter comes out at 6-6.5. ive been adding prime every few days to help bind the ammonia, not that i know for sure it will but the 3 fish ive got in there are still alive.. so ive added media from my discus tank into the canister when i added that on the tank, but no change, was over a week ago. Also added squeezing from the white filter pad from the discus tank at the same time
  4. would i be better reducing the amount of ammonia in the tank and trying again?
  5. hmm yes thats what i was thinking with being bare bottom. the two sponce filters are in the tank, one at each end and are the air powered type. the canister i added ceramic media from an existing canister.
  6. Tank was cycled when I removed the feeders, had been 3 weeks... Then Added the rams while I had the feeders in there. Ammonia was 0 and had nitrates when removing feeders Two weeks later removed feeders . Last two weeks Nitrate is 0 and Ammonia has been constant with canister on there and have had the two sponges in there the whole time
  7. So here goes. Set up a 3 foot tank ~3 months ago. Bare bottom two large sponge filters. Cycled using feeders & searchem stability. All went well. tank cycled for 3 weeks, had nitrate and no ammonia. Added 4 German blue rams then a week or two later took the feeders out. A week later added some juvi bristlenose from another tank Addd some easy stem plants and animals wisteria from another tank. Light wasn't good enough n plants started to Melt after a week. Ammonia sitting at 1-2 on api test chart. No nitrate. Lost a ram and a sub adult bristlenose Took bristlenose out, but don't have a spare tank for rams... Took plants out fair few water changes adding stability for past 2 weeks with no change. Added a small canister with some media from my discus tank that had been running 6 months .. about a week and a half ago Still no change . Adding prime every second day to detox ammonia and adding stability daily. At a loss for what to do. Thinking of taking fish out, draining tank & starting again. Have only ever used ro water in the tank as was going to be a bb discus breeding setup but went with rams instead Any advise is appreciated.
  8. Wow .. lol nice price for a hot looking shrimp
  9. Are red goldflake shrimp available in Australia ?
  10. Ahhh... Are you sure it was a 2 foot tank.. that is wayyyyy too small for a single discus
  11. If your after high quality & great price, although you prob already know, dt fishkeeper on fb has both .. as well as gold coast discus group on fb
  12. I've got Orange checker board , 2 pairs have formed and on their 2nd & 3rd attempts at fry.
  13. Well I woke up this morning to the second pair in the same tank having laid on a amazon sword leaf Seems no one could wait for the breeding tank to cycle that ive set up especially for them lol p
  14. So kewl just watched the same pair lay again. Managed to get it on high quality video & all Threre is aprox 20 eggs in a 1cm x 1cm area Is say 100-200 odd eggs at a guess
  15. Far out. Thanks for all the replies. The garage door is a true blue roller door, wish it was a tilt panel lol Just one tank st this stage, 3 foot x1.5 .. got it yesterday all cleaned up, filled and ready Will be hopfully placing my discus pair in there for their second attempt at spawning I'm thinking thick Polly 3 sides and top both sides of the light which is a DIY led in an old t8 I've gutted Will need to look at the door again n see what I can do with it. No Windows thankfully but is a 2 story townhouse
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