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  1. Does anyone know who carries Juwel globes ?
  2. Having the same problem on the gold coast ,does anyone know who carries them.
  3. As an after thought late yesterday arvo decided to change the globes in my 5ft Jewel tank .Measured the old one and was 48 inches .So off to the closest lps and asked for 2 4ft globes . Getting back home went to install them and found they were 45 inches but are called 4ft globes. Lots more then went on around not accepting returns on globes even though it had never been taken out of the packaging .Finally got a store credit which expires in 3 months and they will call me if they find out if they have an account with Jewel but the freight insurance will be expensive . Now that I will have a wait would rather deal with 1 of the sponsors from here . So does any one know if any of the sponsors carry Jewel globes.
  4. Yes trying to find them Bunnings dont have them.
  5. Trying a diy substrate and need marble chips as part of it . Wanting to stick to the recipe so not looking at substitutes .Bunnings is not an option.
  6. Think it was a buyers market because they were trying to make sure all items were at least presented before 11pm . Even gave sellers the chance to pull there stock out when it looked like there wasnt enough time. I got there at 6 and most of the stuff I was after had already been up, although was waiting for the driftwood that was on stage but then the seller pulled out. No ones fault just circumstances and unknown time frames .Was run very professionally under the circumstances. Well done.
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  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Bump ,Its been sitting outside for over 12 months really wanting to set it up .26TH ,27TH or the 28TH January.
  11. Was told once to use glad wrap to stop reflections .Haven't tried it so cant guaranty that it works.
  12. Im looking for a couple of people to help move a 4x2x2 from outside to inside next weekend any time that suits you. Its not a heavy tank but is awkward due to being on a high stand ,there are also 4 steps .Will probably only take 10 mins to move and an hour or so of drinks lol. Will be at Labrador Gold Coast.
  13. Going well,that's the reason I asked the question getting impatient seems to been carrying for ages but guess it hasn't been that long .First time Ive had them so a lot of trial and error.
  14. Was just wondering how long does the female carry the eggs before they hatch.
  15. Will take 10 or more maybe if you have them can pick up tomorrow any time that suits you .

    Cheers Wayne

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