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  1. how much for standard Amazonia? I rate it way more than Amazonia II.... Also you going to be stocking any of their lighting range or tanks. very keen!!
  2. It is not my tank sorry. It is a aquascaper within Aus, I just thought I would show people the potential of the good wood Tech Den has for sale. So everyone better buy it and make something cool like that
  3. Nice, some quality pieces of wood here. could make a killer aquascape with them. for example; gives you guys an idea of the aquascapes you can do with these pieces!
  4. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/adams-3-foot-tanganyikan-tank-65751/ that was my community tang tank. It worked for me (no fish loss or too much aggression), although I wish I had more room (far too cramped I admit) aka a 4 x 2 x 2 or larger as it would have been far better choice with more room for my fish. Do you still need more shells Bazz? I may have some more spare I could drop off. Also you have endless choices of fish to fill that tank with mate, would love to see some nigripinnis in it or maybe even a smaller species of leptosoma.
  5. You would be correct, it was a forum member on Aquarium Life...
  6. Is it even a submersable type? The most common aquatic native moss is a stringy moss and grows very well in an aquarium... Here are some links; Native moss club - Aquariumlife Australian Native Moss Sp. - General Aquarium Plants Discussions - Aquatic Plant Central Native moss question
  7. I should show you my nano then haha! Started with bugger all and have moss growing down to more than a fine art....have given away buckets of freebies of flame, peacock, weeping, us fissidens, etc etc....moss growing is too simple..
  8. Sea Almond tree or Indian Almond tree are both the same. Yes it is more often referred to as a Indian Almond or IAL (L being Leaf for what you are buying to place in your tank). They are just common names for the Terminalia catappa.... And betta I have about 300 leaves for sale PM me...
  9. Where did you find this moss? Can you get a closer photo for better ID?
  10. Will agree with you Donny. I have three CO2 PRO Regulator and solenoids and I would not want anything else. They are perfect and if there would somehow be any dramas (not that anything will happen), then Adam is straight onto it to fix it within the week back to you!! You will not find better Good work guys on stocking more quality stock
  11. Wont lie there, I already have a planted aquatic style freshwater nano tank, and another shellie nano aquatic style tank. Good tanks! I think I need a marine version Age of Aquariums you have a PM, cant wait for the reply
  12. Do we get any discount on this for QLDAF or AL members, or cheaper in store than online?
  13. PS I apologize in advance for the overload of similis pics, but I am in love with these guys again after losing my last breeding colony tragically. Thank you Smiths Aquariums for the similis!!!!!
  14. Hi guys, Here is my nano 40cm cube for you all. Tank: 40x40x40cm Opticlear Aquatic Style tank Filtration: Eheim 2215 Heater: Hydor Inline 200W heater Thermometer: ADA NA CL thermometer Lighting: 2 x 36W PL lighting. Fish: 10 x Lamprologus Similis Substrate: 0.5 to 2.0mm coral sand from Age of Aquarium Hardscape: Opal red rock and shells. Thanks, Adam
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