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  2. Cheers. A little down about this. Also lost a Surinamensis today due to a beating from my 2 inch male Steindachneri
  3. I lost them over night. Woke up and nolonger got a mouth full
  4. Hi All, Looking for some help with my Geo Pindare's. It seems that they have breed. Not sure how I have missed this. Anyhow, has anyone out there breed these before? Looking for some Info on what goes on. They are currently holding them eggs, which have little black tale like things, in there mouths. Thanks for your help in advance Cheers
  5. its growing at the base of the uprights and under it in some places. It is kind of annoying.
  6. There are 2 Peps in there and my Geo's. When you say a 'Precursor Algae' does this mean if left untreated/removed it will evolve into something more sinister
  7. Got a new piece of Golden Vine. Put it into tank. Tank has been running for 2 years and water parameters are all good. New vine has a white fur growing on it. Help please. Why would this be? How do I get rid of this. Cheers
  8. this one seems super calm. Maybe the brazilly has its measure but no agro ive seen
  9. I wont be breeding it. Just needed some idea of what it was. A Bittsa....Bitsa this, bitsa that :)lol
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