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  1. I originally had three which i bought from the fish auction in march. sadly i had the smallest (who was also a bit mung, with missing/under developed eyes) die in the middle of june. I hadnt realised how much these guys had grown until i got back from a 3.5week holiday and the little guy looked so small compared to the other two. - i did try to feed him on the opposite side of the tank as the other two were chowing down on the other side. But i dont think my housemate took as much care as i did with feeding while i was away, as the little guy didnt look too healthy when i got back. then died about a week later. The remaining two coninued to grow after the smaller one died. and there were no other fish in the tank either. im pretty sure from the pics ive seen i think they were thai blacks - they were black all over and were quite dark underneath too, definitely more bronzey then whiteish. I moved house about 3 weeks ago, i transported them in a container with tank water and java fern. they were out of the tank for about 6 hours i guess, after i set the tank back up and waited for the water to clear and everything. they seemed pretty happy, and i had been feeding them twice a day with about quarter of a teaspoon of Hikari Oranda Gold each time. (they didnt like the stuff that sank to the bottom of the tank, as they would just stay at the surface waggling about) they had started chowing down on the Java fern tearing bits of leaves off and i also another plant, think they are a type of crypt. they were in a Aqua One AR380 tank, its like a 38L tank, with the filter on top of the tank with a waterfall (gravity feeding) back in to the tank. I found a large number of the small eggs up on top of the filter pads, so presume the eggs is what had clogged the power heads' impeller, but i still havent had a change to fully investigate in there. I had just been looking up last week as to what sex they were. and neither of them had the white bumps on the gill plates or on the front part of the fins or anywhere on or around the faces. So i came to hte conclusion they were girls. They both had the bulging bottoms when found them dead and the second one to die was definitely female, as she was popping out eggs when i pressed on her belly and moved towards the anus. The first one was definitely more round when she was dead and had gone a lighter colour all around her belly with a bit of a goldy/bronze sheen instead of the normal black until under the bottom of the belly. I do know that they didnt seem as hungry the night before i found the first one dead, took them much longer to eat the same amount.
  2. So i woke up yesterday morning to hear some thrashing about in my tank, didnt think too much of it. woke up again an hour later to find that one of 2 my Beautiful black ranchus was floating at the top of the tank, motionless and mouth wide open. I thought it was strange and lifted the lid, which would usually make both come waggling and begging for food. Neither of them moved towards me. Upon further inspection, the bigger of the two was dead... I felt so bad, i didnt know what was wrong. and the other didnt really seem interested in eating. This morning i woke up to my powerhead to my filter not working, Didnt have time to investigate so unplugged it from the power and quickly rushed out the door. when i got home, i found that my other ranchu was at the bottom of the tank, motionless. They had died also. Upon closer inspection i was seeing these white spheres scattered all over the plants in my tank.. I looked at the ranchu and noticed that its anus region was quite bulgey. and when i picked it up out of the tank eggs started oozing out of her. Is it common to lose gold fish on their first spawning? I'm guessing that they were both female, as the first one was also quite round. I'm so dissappointed that both of them have died. Is there something that i can do in future to stop this from happening again? Im still quite surprised as i didnt think they were that old, ive had them for about 6 months and they had almost doubled in size like proportionately, but thought that they were still too young to be sexually mature! I had started feeding them more as their head growth (wen?) had stopped developing, and i was reading that food needed to be increased for better head growth development. (plus they had also started chowing down of the java fern and other plants that were in the tank). Is it normal for females to die when there arent males around to mate with? I figured that the eggs would have just been reabsorbed? is there something that i could of done to stop this happening in the first place? or recognise a behaviour that is normal for female ranchu when ready to spawn? also the strangest thing i found with them being dead was that they werent on weird angles or floating upside down... they were pefectly balanced with their fins out (like they werent all clenched up or anything), just like they were sleeping... but were dead. (i know that sounds funny). all of your suggestions, comments is greatly appreciated thanks
  3. So i need some advice, my first power head that came with my AR380 tank lasted for over 3 years, and my replacement one has just died after less then 1.5 years. does anyone know if spending the money on a new ar380 power head is going to be worth the close to $50 from a pet store or just buying another one that is similar to do the same job? anyone know of any that fit in the same spot as the AR380's? your help is greatly appreciated
  4. are the snails you're talking about, the ones that are like little cone shaped ones? as if they are, they apparently dont do any damage to anything living, they clean away dead and rotting materials like leaves and corpses and they also aerate substrates by moving around in it
  5. well i checked out Fish Chicks.. and it is actually really good! i was pretty impressed Good Range and Pretty Good Prices very impressed
  6. cool.. thanks i will head to fishchick's soon. i dont have any plans on heading up to kallangur anytime soon.. but will let you know if i do though thanks though will keep it in mind
  7. Hey Guys and Girls! Just wondering where you buy your aquarium plants from? In my experience, most of the Aquarium shops I have been to, only really have those stock standard plants that are like only cuttings or something and dont have roots or they just loose all leaves and dont grow. (i do realise that i dont have a CO2 system or anything exciting like that, but still where are the good looking plants in shops!) and they dont really stock Java fern or anubias, and if they do they are usually not that great looking at all. Where do you buy your plants from?
  8. My partner used to have convicts, mainganos, electric yellows, masked juli's, yellow tail acei.... and some other cichlids in the same tank... never really had any issues and the convicts used to breed all the time, cept the babies would always 'disappear' lol
  9. I'm pretty sure its a Black Calvus and from my net searches its monomorphic and that the main physical difference is that males are larger then females of the same age. Im guessing you use the method of 'venting' to check the exact sex "This involves removing the fish (with wet hands) and examining their dorsal side, looking for the genital pore between their anus and anal fin." http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/gender.php Good luck
  10. lol in case anyone was wondering, we added some small electric yellows and OB zebras... it seemed to sort them out lol well... they dramatically started to imrpove before we added them anyway, so it was just time settling into the new evironment and getting used to the new surroundings, but the addition of the new guys helped too
  11. Thanks people! good help and hints. the tank is four foot long by two foot wide by two foot high and its about i metre off the ground im pretty certain that they are in a healthy tank, with very good water qualtity with like no ammonia or nitrate issues. I know that they were kept underneath the house in the garage type area of the previous owner, and he seemed like a pretty decent fellow who really cared about how his fish were treated and the food they ate, so im pretty sure he would have been down there often checking on things. They have definately improved in there behaviour in the last couple of days... it was probably that they just needed some more time to settle in lol I think that we will get some other cichlids that are happier to be on display to put in with them in a few weeks or a months time if they dont improve further thanks for all the info :-D
  12. they range in size from 6cm to just under 10cm and they were sold as a breeding colony they are Melanochromis Interruptus
  13. We recently got a colony of Melanochromis Interruptus, about 4 males and 18 females and we put them in the tank the first night and noticed that they were a little scared and just swam around the tank and pretty much remained hidden in the tank when they started to get settled. There are plenty of hidey holes for them to hide in. Its been about a week and i thought they would have become more settled into their tank and not so scared of us when we walk past or sit near the tank. They dont even come out to get the food until there is no one near the tank... and even then they only slowly start to come out and get food. All of my previous fish swim up to the top of the tank when they see the fish food jar come out and are always happy to swim around and get the food. I can understand it would be traumatic being moved from one tank (their old home) to another one (their new home). Im just after some ideas of how to encourage them to stay out in the open and not be so scared. Ive been doing a fair bit of internet searching, but cant really find if they are a really timid cichlid, who just like to be hidden all the time or if maybe they had some kind of severe trauma in their past home or something. Ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated thanks
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