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  1. Gday all, in the process of selling my tank which houses a 300mm gold spot pleco. FREE TO A GOOD HOME! He/she has been with me for ten years and I really want to see he/she cared for. Please come and collect from Coolum Beach if this is you. Many thanks. Damian
  2. Gday everyone, price drop! $500 for the lot.
  3. For sale: 6x2x2 tank in VGC on stand filtered by a Eheim 2260 with ACO - 5505 air pump, 2x air stones containing 1 x 300mm gold spot pleco. 1x 300w Eheim Jager heater,1x 250w Eheim Jager heater, 3x holy rock,600g carnivore food, heaps of algae wafers, full bottle of Prime, half bottle Protozin, bucket of small pieces of coral, aqua one battery pump, freshwater master test kit and net. $1000 for the lot. Pick up Coolum Beach.
  4. Hi everyone, I have been out of the fish trading loop now for some time. I currently own a 6x2x2 with 1 x moba and 1x gold spot pleco. The time has come to move everything on. I remember reading recently that there was some restrictions placed upon sellers of livestock. Is this still the case? I want to ensure that I do not do anything wrong. Cheers
  5. There is nothing wrong with your Ph levels mine sits at 7.5, I have owned a group of Moba for a year and a half with no problems( touch wood.) There tanks mates however are just more Moba, I have seen friends with mixed results with keeping Frontosa with malawi fish. Frontosa seem to do best with their own kind in my opinion, malawi type of fish are typically quicker and can annoy Frontosa. If I was to create a mixed community I would mix in leleupi, comps or calvus, however they may become a snack when the frontosa get bigger. I would pm shon982 if you are still concerned he seems to have a wide understanding of Tanganyika cichlids which is obviously where your Frontosa come from.
  6. I want to glue some rocks together to put in the tank, i am not concerned with colour I just want one that is not going to be harmful to use. Can anyone help??
  7. The canister was brand new, I filled it with water. Then I siphoned water into the intake via the outake.
  8. Yeah first canister always used hang on filters.
  9. Looking to hear from people who have owned a Eheim 2260. I have just bought a brand new one and it is considerably louder than I thought it wold be. I am 99% sure that I have got all the air out (rocked canister back and forth) and it still omits a permanent humming noise. The filter itself seems to be working fine, pumping water like a champ but jeez the sound is irretating. Cheers in advance.
  10. Sorry got mixed the filter works bottom to top so my order will be from bottom to top also. I am also keeping fronnies in the tank it will be supplying.
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