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  1. Hi been out of the seen for about 6 years . Wanting to know if there are still fish auctions, who runs them and when is the next one
  2. Don’t know if we will get fish in, in this one, have to work in arvo, will try to make it even if only for a chat
  3. Saturday SEPTEMBER 10th GOLD COAST AQUARIUM SOCIETY AUCTION STARTS 6.00PM FISH IN FROM 4.00PM Southport Community centre, Lawson st Southport..(behind the RSL)
  4. we will be there selling. hope there will be a few buying , i have to pay the electric bill ...
  5. Hi Rhonny

    Was wondering if you had any electric yellows juvies for sale.I am after about 10 of them...

    Sanga....I will give you a ring tomorrow

  6. As liljohn said yes no problem I have had together, but if jewels start breeding they will defend there territory. so one jewel can go in a community tank or with yellows no problem
  7. Hi Rhonny,

    Yes your inbox was full. I was just trying to tell you that your rays were probably being overfed. Predatory fish will always try to eat as much as they can but this doesnt mean they should be fed daily. id give them a week of fasting and only feed them twice a week.

    Sounds like they have started eating again though.

    Also I'd be a bit careful about posting your rays. They have already been earmarked for addition to noxious list.

  8. have been putting a frozen watter bottle in the tank and they are eating a bit now , it might just be to hot to eat?
  9. We have a pair of Monto rays about 12 months old and there have gone off there food , usually eat green king prawns and carnivore pellets , gave them a different brand prawn and they didn’t like them so got more off the ones they have always had and now wont eat them we put in some feeder shrimp yesterday and they chased them around as usual but spat them out , water is good , get regular water change and clean any ideas
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. we got a little generator from lloyds auctions about a month ago , they still have some
  12. Do you just want to run 6-8 air stones or run sponge/ filters with air? Do you have any other filtration? How far apart are the tanks? A 20L/m air pump with 8 outlets will run air stones and give enough air if you have good filtration and they are close to the pump
  13. all our tanks are barebottom, have had corries and plecos and 1000s bristlenose all have thrives . you must have wood
  14. I only found this accidentally; please make it clear to all
  15. dose anyone know a forum or web sight for pond fish/gold fish
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