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  1. Hi been out of the seen for about 6 years . Wanting to know if there are still fish auctions, who runs them and when is the next one
  2. Don’t know if we will get fish in, in this one, have to work in arvo, will try to make it even if only for a chat
  3. Saturday SEPTEMBER 10th GOLD COAST AQUARIUM SOCIETY AUCTION STARTS 6.00PM FISH IN FROM 4.00PM Southport Community centre, Lawson st Southport..(behind the RSL)
  4. we will be there selling. hope there will be a few buying , i have to pay the electric bill ...
  5. As liljohn said yes no problem I have had together, but if jewels start breeding they will defend there territory. so one jewel can go in a community tank or with yellows no problem
  6. have been putting a frozen watter bottle in the tank and they are eating a bit now , it might just be to hot to eat?
  7. We have a pair of Monto rays about 12 months old and there have gone off there food , usually eat green king prawns and carnivore pellets , gave them a different brand prawn and they didn’t like them so got more off the ones they have always had and now wont eat them we put in some feeder shrimp yesterday and they chased them around as usual but spat them out , water is good , get regular water change and clean any ideas
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. we got a little generator from lloyds auctions about a month ago , they still have some
  10. Do you just want to run 6-8 air stones or run sponge/ filters with air? Do you have any other filtration? How far apart are the tanks? A 20L/m air pump with 8 outlets will run air stones and give enough air if you have good filtration and they are close to the pump
  11. all our tanks are barebottom, have had corries and plecos and 1000s bristlenose all have thrives . you must have wood
  12. I only found this accidentally; please make it clear to all
  13. dose anyone know a forum or web sight for pond fish/gold fish
  14. anyone local that can help moove a few large tanks from one room to another , need moover thursday of friday give us a ring 0417965102
  15. We are apparently caring out Minor Aquaculture the definition is… Minor Aquaculture, , Freshwater tank aquaculture: not requiring an authority or licence under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, comprising a recirculating system with nil discharges of wastes to natural waters and a production area less than 750m2 GFA, where utilising oxygen injection. This could cover a gold fish if you have an air bubbler And Nerang “zone 9” dose not allow Minor Aquaculture We are fighting to clarify the maximum tanks allowed before conceded Minor Aquaculture , at the moment is is at the desgression of the officer
  16. Sorry for getting everyone on edge, I would say it is our landlord over the excess water that has put in a complaint to the council as they have contacts with the council Thank you all for your support threw all this. We are seeking legal advice and will keep you all posted of developments Hopefully we can came to an agreement that will keep everyone happy, if they will not be reasonable then we might call on “a current affair” but we will have to wait and see, 1st we will try to keep every one happy
  17. As some of you have heard The council said we are running a business from home and as that is against the bye laws we have been asked to reduce our fish, he said any one with more than ONE tank is not a hobby, we estimated about 6000-7000L , Also he said you must have an under cover parking space available to park you car, so you can not have fish in your garage We have now received an official “show cause notice” where we have a few weeks to respond to why THEY should not come it and seize all our fish and tanks They quot lots of sub sections and asked to “restore the premises to a state that complies with the planning scheme” and other stuff like that Can any one help clarify the meaning of this letter and show us how to make them happy and keep our fish,
  18. I get mine from an insulation place, the seconds and packing sheets they give away
  19. We used a pot belly last winter. If you have to buy wood it is more expensive than gas "we are selling it and using gas this year" in the middle of winter we go threw 2 x9l bottles of gas to heat 1 fish room , we can get the cylinders filled for $17 each
  20. We where the 3rd or 4th there and they weren’t taking names I literally walked to our boxers and back and got V and W , there weren’t that many people in front of me ???
  21. hot and sticky but was still worth the drive . they where just about giving away some fish . we had a great night ,,,,didnt buy a thing !!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. june 15th is a tuesday that cant be right is it the 19
  23. I have been told it won’t harm the fish but it is spreading and makes cleaning the sump extremely hard .
  24. That is what we feed all our fish and they are all top quallity and colour. you cant go wrong with spectrum and spirulina
  25. At least i made you pay for them ... lol pm sent to surfingfish about cookoos We had a good night too thanks every one
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