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  1. Of course Bro did the setups, and won everything like always. Was good to see him again. How you been Donny? =)
  2. I've misplaced my little booklet, but I can pipe in and say that I got: 1st in Big Fish (Australian Lungfish) 1st in AOV Australiasian Fish (Glass perchlet) Champion Australasian Fish (Glass perchlet) Reserve Grand Champion Fish of Show (Glass Perchlet) 3rd in Australiasian Community Hopefully bumping this thread active will get some replies! =)
  3. I logged in just to see if there was an ekka post yet! I guess we'll get there.
  4. I have two short body Aus Bass which I adore. The smaller one seems a bit odd (he swims with his fins 100% erect at all time, it's an odd look) but the older one is happy, active, eats well and is as fast as the others. I didn't get them because I wanted short body specifically, but just that they were there and cute and so I brought them home. I don't mind the mutants if they're happy. Keep what you want. I own two bulldogs so I can't say anything anyways. =)
  5. Blub Blub. Thanks! Congrats to Steve of course! It's his fault for putting in so many entries but that cichlid is lovely as; so well deserved.
  6. Wont eat flake but will eat some froz cyclops and such. Losing some fry now, not sure why, but hopefully have it under control soon. Male has another mouthful; they spawned mid waterchange last night. =) If anyone is liking these guys, I'll be putting my two spare males up for sale, a northern male and a southern (smaller) male. Both healthy and eat well.
  7. I don't mind hatching, for now, but I may start mixing in frozen baby brine in small amounts to see if I can get them eating non-live. Rather hatch forever than risk losing fry.
  8. I'm on a very very longterm search for these guys. I doubt very much they will ever be available in a 'shop' the way they are in the UK or Asia; you're looking at requesting someone with a collection permit to get you some, at your cost. I've been asking around for years and still don't have any. Someday!
  9. First feed, click through to YouTube and watch in HD if you can! They're very determined feeders, not fast, but eating readily.
  10. Definitely tedious. I have one hatcher I purchased, the other is a Sera hatcher kit hooked up to a 1.2 litre water bottle. I have a 5 litre bottle of salt water mixed up for water changes. Using marine salt; wont get anywhere fast with rock salt. I've fed them twice tonight already and they're chomping non-stop. Going to try mixing some fine powdered food in to the feed tomorrow night and see if they'll start taking some powdered as well. If not, no harm, but worth a try to get this batch onto non-live. Uploading some videos now of them eating. =)
  11. Btw, they ate their new hatched brine shrimp with gusto; no issues there. Now to hatch brineshrimp non-stop until I dream about brine shrimp.
  12. Picture should show now. I'll have babies available in a few months. I spent ages looking for my adults; 3 are from PetCity and one is wild caught.
  13. Neat rainbow sheen to the caudal peduncles when illuminated.
  14. Picture may be hard to see but there's about 120-130 fry, 1/2 free swimming and 1/2 still hanging at the bottom.
  15. Aawwww, the wee little archer! <3 I have about 120 (general guess) almost free swimming fry now. Holy crap.
  16. Have a grindle worm colony going, and split it out into three containers tonight. Even if the MA bubs wont eat them, I'll have plenty for everyone else. =)
  17. I would! But I had a very....lovely....day today... My ute, who has served me faithfully since 2008 finally died today. There was a great and terrible noise, and a great and terrible silence and now I officially own NO CAR. Buggerit. I'll have to look at buying an IBC and paying for delivery. Thanks anyways guys!
  18. Two would absolutely do the trick. About 400 litres each, yeah? Obviously IBC might be best (all the water in one place and a bit bigger for all the fish to fit, only run one filter, etc) but if that falls through I will take you up on that offer. Tank order has just been done and I haven't put a rush on it. Probably in the next month or so. Thank you!
  19. IBC is likely the way to go. I've sent an email off to someone who used to sell IBC's for about $100, but I know they're clean and ready to go. Just means I'll have to store an IBC when I'm done, but not such a bad thing I guess; they're always useful. =) Still more than happy to borrow and pay someone for the assistance if available. I'm sure an extra few hands on the day will be a good thing when trying to get everything level on a very un-level foundation. Plus I'm happy to pay someone else to help wash 60 kg of sand. YUCK.
  20. Will be (at some point soon) needing to shift fish and water (about 700 litres I'd like to save) out of a 2 metres pond, remove the pond, place a large tank and new sump in it's place (7x3x2) and then move the water and fish back into the new tank. Going to be a big project and I need something to hold the water and the fish while I do the move. Fish are: 3 large 7-spot archers 3 primitive archers 2 bass 1 large raphael catfish 2 snakehead gudgeons 2 lungfish + 600-700 litres of water (just to illustrate that something shallow like kiddy pools wont work) Only need the large container for one day (hopefully can get it all done in a 1/2 day) but not keen to go buy an IBC for one use. Welcome to any suggestions, happy to pay someone for their time and assistance.
  21. Nothing better than those full sexy boy displays. =) I have 4, one girl and 3 boys. Northern ones as well, minus one local caught male (smaller). Male #1 is on his third batch, 1st I pulled on day 1 to tumble; went fuzzy. 2nd I pulled at 8 days, 1/2 developed....went fuzzy. Looks like they definitely need to stay in dad's mouth; not as tough as cichlids or other mouth brooder eggs. 3rd batch now is at 16 days. Better fry saver ordered and hopefully we'll have luck this time.
  22. How'd you go with babies? Curious as to final amount of time the eggs were held for and if he ate or did not eat the babies once he let them go. Thanks!
  23. Yup! Tadpole AND Toad in together, my big boy Jon the archer and his buddies and a native community tank. =)
  24. Wasn't sure if I should post here or in the dry goods trader. I need someone experienced to drill 3x 25mm holes for me. I'd normally get the guy that builds my tanks to do it but after 3 weeks of asking he still hasn't shown up and I need this done sooner than later. Located southside BNE, needs to be done on site as one is a sump and one is the side of a 3ft tank with fish in it currently (they can be moved if required but would prefer to simply drop the water level). Also prefer someone who guarantees their work (please don't crack my tanks!). =) Thanks! PM me, would like this done sometime between Wed-Friday (my days off this week).
  25. Looking for FIRST HAND experiences with this mix. I know Toga's are monsters, etc etc, but I want to know how they went. I'm honestly more worried about the toga when it's small as Jon (the archer) is NOT friendly. He can't do much damage but he's not the sweetest to the bass when they start hogging the pellets. Has calmed down now that he has his own floating sticks and the bass get the sinking pellets. Big natives are heading into a 1100 pond (indoors) and thinking about growing up a jardini to go in. He'd be raised up with purple spots for now and moved when around 15-20cm. Current stock in big tank: Archerfish x1 - 25cm Lungfish x2 - 49 and 43 cm Aussie Bass x 2 - 13 and 17cm Snakehead gudgeon (male) x1 - 25cm
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