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  1. hey Rod managed to get a couple of pics after trying to workout the my partners camera lol
  2. i have always had rcs with bristlenose since the bn's are so messy the rcs help to keep it alittle cleaner also did the same thing with my crs they seem to be fine together cheers jay
  3. i just got an inline hose filter from bunnings and cut up some filter matting to fit inside it. so i connect it to the end of the garden hose running from the water tank. 2 micron is very fine, with a 150lt water change i need to change the filter matting inside twice. you would not believe the amount of crap that comes out of a water tank. lucky i dont pay for the filter matt. lol will try to get a pic for you. cheers jay
  4. thanks for that Rod, you're definately knowledgeable, when i get a chance to take a pic of my pair do you think you might be able to give me a good idea of their specific breed? thanks jay
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  6. i had the same problem last year and yes it came from my rain water tank unfortunately i lost about 500 bristlenose after i tried to treat them i now run my tank water through a 5 and 2 micron filter before it goes into my tank. theres alot of nasties comin from water tanks, seen some weired lookin critters. cheers jay
  7. may i ask what is the difference between snakeskins and leopards? cheers jay
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  10. luv ur work mike, can't wait to see it
  11. most of mine are A grade with a couple of B's trying to blend in lol
  12. no mate both of the lights are in the hood the shrimp were previously in my garage and through summer the tank reached 29deg quite often. i have never had a heater in with them incase it got too cool through winter either. i dont add and chemical to my water at all, just striaght tank water thats it. maybe i've just been lucky but they seem happy enough.
  13. thanx all esp. Nathan and of course Luke lol the tank is approx 50cm hexagon and bout 30cm high there is already 70 plus shrimp in the tank i will try to get closer pics to see them also bout the temp, people say crs are fussy bout temp. not mine sorry had these guys long enough and never worry about temp. i started with only 5. turned out to be 4 boys and 1 girl now as said i have well over 70 must be doing some right. cheers jay
  14. Just finished setting up my CRS display just for something different
  15. depends if u like your fish or not if the marron can catch them he will eat them
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